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Breathing Under Water



Gisele Lubsen/G.A.L. Photography

Conceptual underwater fashion photographer Gisele Lubsen gives us a wonderful glimpse into what an underwater world would look like (if it were populated by beautiful archetypes in lovely clothes, that is).  Incorporating elements of fairy tale, Greek mythology, and classic paintings, Lubsen has invented an entire lush world beneath the waves. And you know how I always wanted to be a mermaid…

Here’s a much more high-brow analysis of her work than I could ever produce:

“Specializing in conceptual underwater photography, Gisèle has produced riveting iconic images that illustrate the ambiguous zone between life and death. By deconstructing this theme underwater, Gisèle is able to humanize her subject, creating an alternate reality within the light and dark, surreal world of the aquatic environment. While considering the subject out of the usual context, the viewer is able to experience human performance, vulnerability and power along with the fluidity and preciousness of time, becoming truly aware of memento mori.”

You can follow Gisele Lubsen/G.A.L. Photography on her website. Large-scale prints of her glorious works can be purchased from Saatchi Art.

All images property of Gisele Lubsen/G.A.L. Photography.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Breathing Under Water

  1. Oh the beautiful things you do find Donna! These are amazing! I’m loving the wide variety of beauty you share! thanks!

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  2. I also think there are some very beautiful pictures in the post today. I would really like to know if any of them are photographs or all of them art. Maybe trying to figure out if there are any is half the fun. Thanks for posting them.

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  3. These are incredible. They made me think “If Busby Berkeley was a mermaid”. I hate opening my eyes under water plus I’m pretty sure I couldn’t get into an elegant pose before I drowned. I’d look like a whale carcass.

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  4. Gorgeous photos! But now I can’t get the image of of my mind of the photo shoot that you and Laura would have – hahahaha!

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