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Raised in a Barn



Located in Österlen, Sweden, this barn-to-residence conversion turned an L-shaped turn-of-the-century farm building into something that feels more like a modern house. The 4,200 square foot home includes four generous-sized bedrooms and a really great great room with 22-foot-high ceilings set with skylights. It sits on 1.5 beautifully planted acres, complete with, entertaining space, swimming pool, and spectacular views of the unspoiled hills surrounding it.

The beadboard-paneled ceiling, resplendent with natural exposed beams, provides the perfect counterpoint to the gorgeous polished white concrete floor. The white and grey palette sports just enough touches of black and natural wood to warm it up and give it depth and character. And at least by U.S. standards, it’s even kind of a bargain at 5.995 million Swedish Krona, or around $680,000 USD!

So if you’re interested in learning more about the property, you can see the listing on the realtor’s website.

All images property of Fastighetsbyrån Realty.

barn 0a

Building – before

barn 0b

Building – after

barn 0c

Living room – before

barn 0d

Living room – after

barn 1barn 2barn 3barn 4barn 5barn 6barn 7barn 8barn 9

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19 thoughts on “Raised in a Barn

  1. wonderfulp interior shots. Really sharp. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. Love this. a little to modern for me but I love the old building was saved.

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  3. Look at that kitchen! And the bathroom!! Oh my gosh…..this is amazing. Such a beauty.

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  4. That is quite the transformation! I love that so many of the features and qualities of the building have either been retained or have been echoed in the use of materials and shapes. I also love how spacious and light it is. White always appeals to me when I see it in other people’s houses but the reality of the boys’ grubby handprints means I would absolutely never have pure white in my house.

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  5. Just stunning!

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  6. I grew up on a horse ranch, so… I kinda grew up in a barn. It did not look like this. 😉 This is what my dream house would look like!

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  7. WOW! So much LIGHT!!! Stunning transformation. I wonder though – Sweden’s winters can be colder even than ours in Canada – with all those windows – how do they keep the cold out? I guess the description would cover that. Anyway, gorgeous to look at!!

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