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Going Green


Natalia Nazarian

When Build-it-Back lifted our house, they had a mandate from the NYC Mayor to add some “green space.” When we moved back, however, we discovered they had planted six shrubs which were badly suited to both the sun pattern and our soil and salt-water condition. Of course, they died immediately. Green space indeed. However, since we are having major construction done in the back of our house, we decided to wait until the work is done to make ourselves a functional front garden. We reasoned that we didn’t want to spend weeks realizing our designs, only to have them trampled and otherwise compromised by the workers. Of course, we naïvely thought the work would be done by now. Nope. It’s all dragging on with no end in sight, and I finally decided I just couldn’t bear to come home to dead things anymore. So yesterday, Beloved and I pulled out the dead shrubs and replaced them with a few old planters filled with healthy, growing things. The whole project only cost us $75 and a couple of hours, and it has already made a big difference in how we feel about the front of the house, even if it is all temporary.

All of this plant obsessing put me in the mood for botanical art. And boy, did I find a good one! These are the beautiful watercolors by fellow blogger, Toronto-based artist Natalia Nazarian. She paints a fairly wide variety of natural subjects, and all her works feel Earth-centric and wonderfully positive. They have cheered me nearly as much as the fledgling plants currently taking root in front of our house!

Art school left Nazarian feeling inept as a painter, so she instead pursued a career in architecture. But after giving birth to her daughter, working in architecture was no longer an option for the young woman. She tried various means of creative self-expression, but none were completely right for her. The artist eventually found herself drawn to children’s book illustrations, eventually getting up the nerve to give painting another try. This time, it felt right, and Nazarian’s watercolor career took off. She generously credits her rediscovery of painting to her children’s influence on her life.

“…Thanks to my children, for [the] opportunity to hear my inner voice again. Thanks [to] them for motivation (I dream to illustrate children’s book, I hope this will happen in future). And thanks [to] them for life lessons. Besides that, they have taught me patience, they have taught me [to] never give up.

“Have you ever seen a baby, which did his first step and fell down, and then decided to nevermore walk again? No never. Because yesterday he did not walk at all. And today he has already taken his first step. Is it so important. …If you are new to painting or anything else, do not think about your first step, after which you fell… It is your experience that will allow you to make your next steps.”

My story – Natalia Nazarian

That seems like such an obvious point, but it has never occurred to me before to apply it to adult pursuits. She has a really unique perspective. We can all take inspiration from Nazarian’s attitude, and we can take plenty of joy in her lovely, cheerful work.

You can follow Natalia Nazarian on Instagram and WordPress, and YouTube.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Going Green

  1. Oh lovely. This is the very kind of painting I dream of doing…..but so far it is just a dream.

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  2. Such beautiful botanicals!

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  3. I join with the othersl. Beautiful art. Hope to see more — Hal

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  4. So lovely! Here’s another watercolour artist you might be interested in. These days he’s largely painting figure skaters since he’s recently married to one of the greatest ever (I am an avid fan of the sport) but if you scroll back through his insta feed you’ll see many other amazing subjects – basically what he was painting before he got involved with a figure skater 🙂

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  5. Really beautiful art Donna 😀

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