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Virtual Thing of the Day: 4/29/20


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While social distancing is our reality, the world’s citizens are interacting with each other less than ever. For those of us lucky enough to live with a (great) partner, this is not such a hardship, but for those less fortunate, I imagine it must be very difficult. From my widower father to our single friends and neighbors, I have witnessed the strain that lack of even casual human contact is putting on our people. So today’s virtual thing is actually not virtual at all. It’s some suggestions on how we can reach out to those of our people who might need it but not know how to ask for help.

“I’ve spent my career studying how social relationships impact our physical health, and there’s been a lot of debate about whether we’re truly facing a loneliness epidemic. After this, I think we’re getting into uncharted territory.”

– Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad

Thanks to this great article on Curbed, I found a number of resources that could be helpful. Below are a few resources from the article, but I recommend you go check out the full article for some very helpful suggestions.

  • AARP Foundation offers an assessment of and guidance on dealing with social isolation
  • Mental Health America’s website includes information on dealing with anxiety and handling the additional stressors of working from home
  • The Campaign to End Loneliness has practical tips on combating your own social isolation and reaching out to friends and neighbors who might need help

Sending all of my readers who are currently going it alone a virtual hug, and wishing you good friend and better days.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Virtual Thing of the Day: 4/29/20

  1. This could me. Thanks to my 20 plus years on the Internet, I have tons of on-line friends. I send my sister and my son a daily “Good Morning” e-mail so they know I am OK. Thanks to all my friends and the regulars on this list also. Super thanks to the person who told me about Donna and her great work. They know who they are even if they never post. In this area the local law enforcement will be “Health Inspections”. I forgot two days in the row to email my sister, she had them at my door checking on me. Hal

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  2. I agree with Hal. I retired in February–right before all this became ‘a thing.’ My husband and I have done so much around the house, and then I have my bloggers buddies. Aren’t we a great bunch?! I breathe a little easier when I see everyone in my Inbox. That is my OK that everyone is accounted for. I have several that I have emailed to check on them….no response. That is what is hard. You do great work, Donna. Big (virtual, 6-feet apart) hug from me!

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  3. It is crazy t think about but I can see where people who are found dead and have been for several days could be more common.

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    • That would be so sad. I had an acquaintance who fell in her apartment and died. She wasn’t found for weeks, and she was only in her mid 40s. Though we weren’t close, my horror at her dying alone really stuck with me.

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      • If Donna does want this she can delete it. I wear their product around my neck and it has saved me three times. At my age, I would not be without it. Yes, this is “I’ve fallen and can’t get up”. Walmart sells the thing that goes around your neck. They provide the sevrice. If you live alone I think you need one. Consider this a public service message. If I fall somebody is going to be there to help me. Hal

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      • I’m glad you have one! We tried to get one for my dad, but he didn’t want it. Also, he’s in a retirement community where they knock on their door every day.


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