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Through a Window


Stuck in a Leith Pub by Graeme Youngson, Second Place Winner

In May, as part of my Virtual Thing of the Day series, I posted about an uplifting Facebook group called The View From My Window. That group made a point of saying that it was not intended to be a competition. Today, we’re looking at exactly the competition that Facebook group was trying to avoid. It may not be their cup of tea, but I think it’s wonderful!

This is the Through a Window photo competition hosted by the Visions Photography Club right here on WordPress!

“Choosing winners for this competition was a significant challenge due to the large number of entries – but of course it’s grand that so many members made the effort to submit their photographs. There were many imaginative and artistic photos to choose from – a huge variety. I initially selected a short-list of 20 and eventually – with much swithering and dithering – whittled that down to the following three winners.”

– Competition Judge Lynda Gordon

One of the cooler things about this club is that once you win a competition, you get to be the judge for the next one. That’s marvelous! Here’s the competition’s first place photo by Trevor Stuchbury. What a clever way to play with the theme!

Trevor Stuchbury

You can see all the winning entries on the competition post and you can follow the Visions Photography Club on their blog.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

8 thoughts on “Through a Window

  1. Great idea and some wonderful photos.

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  2. Back when… I did try to join in but never got any where. Probably a good thing since I would have taken a photo from my own window. Not too exciting compared to these. lol

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  3. Yes there are some interesting pictures but there is nothing interesting looking thru any of my windows except one very large palm tree. But they are very common down here in Florida. == Hal

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