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Inspired Jewels


Kent Raible

Master goldsmith Kent Raible creates jewels that look important, and not just in material value. They feel inspired in the same way that other once-in-a-generation artists like Frank Lloyd Wright and Annie Leibovitz do. You don’t have to be an expert to understand that something special is happening here. I’m sure his 4+ decades of experience have something to do with it, but there’s just a special something about Raible’s jewels that give me the shivers (in a good way).

“Kent’s pieces are the quintessence of sumptuous jewelry. Using gold, precious and semi precious stones, he brings to mind a fantasy world of sultans, sheiks and palatial surroundings. Kent’s work is glorious in that it has a fantastical quality. It alludes to a time of opulence, when intensive labor was an end in itself. There’s a sumptuous, sparkling, magnificence to his work.”

​ – Kenneth Trapp, Former Curator, Smithsonian Institution, Renwick Gallery; National Museum of American Craft

And the talented Raible doesn’t just make jaw-droppingly-beautiful jewelry, he also generously teaches his secrets to any who want to learn them.

You can see more of Kent Raible’s amazing work on Golden Sphere Studios and on Instagram, and you can check out his online courses on his website.

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"I was contacted in early 2015 by a new client that wanted to commission a major piece, and her only request was that it be designed around the theme “Vanishing Illusions”, a Buddhist concept about the impermanence of things. . Well, I’m almost always up for a challenge, but this one really stumped me. After months of waiting for some kind of inspiration, I was still nowhere, and the client started to get restless. . Finally, an idea that I liked came to me. She had had a beautiful garden created at her home, with rocks, water, and fire elements, and I had been perusing the photos. . Then, in a dream, I saw a crystal form, and behind it was a moving object…and through the crystal you could see the distorted and reflected elements of the object. When I woke up, the idea of a prayer wheel rotating behind an aquamarine crystal came to me. . When it was being worn, the rotation of the wheel would always change, thereby creating a new and distorted visual every moment – impermanent and distorted – just like the reality we live in, always changing, and always subject to our limited perceptions of reality. . What eventually emerged was a vision of an etheric and beautiful cityscape, which reminded me of Rivendell, from Lord of the rings." — Kent Raible . . . #kentraible #goldenspherestudios #vanishingillusions #prayerwheel #pendant #pendantoftheday #jewelryartist #jewelryjunkie #sapphire #platinum #jewelryofinstagram #thecrowncollection #crowncollection #silversmith #jewelleryaddict #luxuryjewelry #finejewellery #jewelrymaking #finejewelry #jewelrydesign #mastergoldsmith #rubies #greengarnets #bluesapphire #customjewelry #goldsmith

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “Inspired Jewels

  1. Wow…but don’t think they should be worn while working in the garden.

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  2. I did not attempt to find out how much each one cost. I just couldn’t fine one that I would wear while shopping at WalMart. BUT, They are sure are beautiful. Again this brings up the question does she buy the stones or create them herself. I think she buys them and than created the great jewely. Yes, I agree I would not wear one while working in the yard also. Hal

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    • After Hurricane Sandy, one of our close friends from down the block was headed to her appointment with her insurance appraiser wearing her formal diamond necklace (because she didn’t want to leave it behind). I made her cover it up. It wouldn’t have worked in Walmart or gardening either…


  3. Wow! These pieces are exquisite.

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