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Theater Greats


More than dining out and parties and travel and all the other things we’ve had to give up for the pandemic, it’s theater I miss the most. I’ve been playing show tunes nonstop for weeks, so I thought I’d go looking for some of my old favorite musicals on YouTube. Kids, I hit the motherlode.

I grew up listening to my parent’s records and watching the movies they loved. My father had loads of classical and jazz and swing, all of which I devoured and loved. But mom’s taste was different. She started going to Broadway shows in the 1940s and 1950s, and it was musical theater that inspired her. Mom had the albums from every show by Rodgers & Hammerstein, Lerner & Loewe, Meredith Wilson, and a slew of others.

I was able to find on YouTube a few of those original cast albums (and the Gigi movie soundtrack, because mom loved Louis Jordan). Mom and I played the records and danced around and sang at the top of our lungs. I really cherish those memories, and hearing these albums again made me feel like she was right here with me. And now, I’m missing more than Broadway…

Updated thanks to Jack Shalom!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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16 thoughts on “Theater Greats

  1. My Dad, a right wing conspiracy theorist “pry my gun from my cold dead hands” type absolutely LOVED musicals and movie soundtracks. The film of the Broadway musical Camelot is actually responsible for my first name (Guenevere)–they were going to name me Bambi but they saw a better movie, thank heavens. How many times did we watch Meet Me In St Louis? Almost as many times as we watched Casablanca….

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  2. Oh I do believe I have sung and danced around the room to all of these .I only saw them on the big screen and not stage but my high school put on several of these and did a wonderful job of them.

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  3. Back in the old days, after a movie came out, I went hunting and was able to purchase the soundtrack on a 33 1/3 record (s). Then they started coming out on 8-track tapes. Today, I still purchase a few on DVD. I miss the old days. There were peaceful protests and not riots like today. With that background, there are still good soundtracks for sale. I loved all of today’s picks by Donna. — Hal

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  4. Oh we used to do this when it was cleaning day – we’d play My Fair Lady, West Side Story, Porgy and Bess, South Pacific, Salad Days – and sing at the top of our voices while we cleaned. Fun!

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  5. A great list, but Donna please. There’s only one My Fair Lady and its this, the original with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison:

    And some may enjoy the original B’way cast of Carousel wit the great John Raitt:

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  6. I had a lot of fun in Spring introducing my kids to musicals they had not yet seen using the movie versions. They were not impressed by West Side Story but the surprise hit was Fiddler on the Roof (one of my absolute favourites) which I had not anticipated they would like but they all loved it and have continued listening to the music voluntarily.

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  7. My mother’s love of musicals was installed in me and my sister. Those album covers of, especially, The Music Man and My Fair Lady are so familiar to me (I think my sister has them)! Just one more thing we have in common.

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