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Uncomfortable Revolution



Uncomfortable Revolution is a brand that’s working to demystify chronic illness, mental illness, and physical disability. They’re on a mission to build a media platform where artists and writers living with chronic illness or disability can earn a living while creating content representing their communities.

“We’re a black, disabled woman-owned brand on a mission to tell better stories about life with chronic illness of disability. Welcome to the diversity and inclusion magazine and lifestyle brand of the future: where body positivity includes our medical conditions, neuro-diversity, and ‘mismatched’ bodies.

“URevolution® was born from the belief that we’re all better off by discussing sensitive health topics, not just feeling awkward about them (or avoiding them). It all started when co-founder Brendan McDonald was diagnosed with leukemia. All of a sudden, he began having some pretty awkward conversations with colleagues and friends. Sometimes amusing, sometimes hurtful, he knew all of these interactions had one thing in common: most people don’t know what to say. Living with chronic illness or disability means having difficult conversations. URevolution® is the place to get better at having those conversations. To not be so afraid of them. To take away their power to make us feel so d#mn uncomfortable. So we can get better at being there for the people we love.”

– About Uncomfortable Revolution

It is heartbreaking to me to think that people who already have so much to deal with also have to carry the burden of our society’s discomfort with them. Watching URevolution’s videos, I’ve definitely learned some valuable things about what it’s like dealing with disability, and I’m sure we’ve all got room for improvement.

You can learn more about URevolution on their website and on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and you can help support their efforts by shopping in their online store.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

9 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Revolution

  1. We just never know until we know.

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  2. What a great organization. I have or have had many loved ones with visible and non-visible disabilities, chronic health conditions, mental health conditions, learning difficulties, and psychiatric disorders and I think that inclusivity and tolerance begins with greater visibility and representation and improved messaging to break down barriers to understanding.

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  3. I spend most of the weekend in the hospital so I am very much behind my normal routine, but I had to stop and take time to real listen to all of this. YES, much needed and I wish them nothing but the best – Hal

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  4. This is a very special One Beautiful Thing. Thank you.

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