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Christmas Recycling


It’s the week when most of us start thinking about getting rid of our Christmas trees (boo). Sure, you could just put it out for sanitation to collect; old trees eventually end up as mulch once they go through the local composting facility. But I thought it might be interesting to explore a few things we can do with our old trees rather than just dragging them to the curb.

  1. Insulate our outdoor perennials: Branches from your not-so-green evergreen can add an extra layer of protection from the winter weather. And if you’re not in an area that experiences much winter weather, you can instead put them through a shredder and use them as mulch.
  2. Replant the tree: I was surprised to learn this, but Greenpeace has encouraged people to pot their old trees after use. Many of the varieties popularly sold as Christmas trees can actually regrow if planted in soil and left to their own devices for a while. You can learn how here.
  3. Regrow a tree from cuttings: If your tree isn’t too dried out, you can do the Earth a favor and grow a tree from cuttings. Here’s how.
  4. Recycle it: Many garden centers and parks accept old trees. They are then either mulched or donated to various wildlife organizations for use helping to build up sand dunes and beaches at risk of erosion.
  5. Us it for kindling: Because of its tendency to create creosote buildup, pine shouldn’t be used in indoor fireplaces. But if you have an outdoor firepit or fireplace, it makes great kindling and can also be used for a quick-burning fire on a night when you don’t want to mind the fire for hours and hours.
  6. Get creative: Of course, you could also use your tree for various craft projects.
  7. Or… You could just feed it to the goats.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Christmas Recycling

  1. Wow 👏😮👏😮👏I love this
    This is great. This is one of the ways we can make our environment be more healthy.
    I look forward to your other blogs

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  2. Or dump it in a pond for fish cover. I did not know they might regrow…interesting.

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  3. I have never had a live Christmas time in my house. After my wife died I got a tiny 12 inch Christmas tree that I use over and over. Ok, Yes if you had a live tree, there are lots of things you can do besides trash it. They will grow from cuttings. My family in Millington (Memphis) have a large artificial tree they put up every year. It is beautiful. Hal

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  4. I have heard that a few tree farms will take back the trees they sold and replant them. This was from friends in the UK but I am sure they are not unique.

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