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Furniture Reincarnated



Ted Lott

Do you believe in reincarnation? Well, artist and designer Ted Lott does, at least when it comes to old furniture and suitcases. His sculpture series “Sit Stay” takes vintage pieces and turns them into gorgeous architectural creations.

“Architecture is the environment inside which we spend our lives; it inhabits the landscapes we travel through. Like architecture, furniture is designed around the space of the body; the difference is one of scale. . . Objects can tell us a story about those who made and used them. Adopting these stories, each piece gives that history a literal and proverbial home.” –About Ted Lott

They made me think of a book series I loved as a child, The Borrowers by Mary Norton. The books are about a race of tiny people who lived in the walls and floors of regular-sized houses and borrowed items from them to survive. They made fascinating use of things like thimbles as cooking pots and dressers made of stacks of matchboxes. After reading the first book, I started walking around peering at all the little things in my world, trying to figure out ways that tiny people could use the objects I encountered. I think it’s where my obsession with all things tiny began.

Anyway, I hope these beautiful creations get your imaginations going like they did mine!

All images are the property of Ted Lott.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

14 thoughts on “Furniture Reincarnated

  1. Amazing! I must say I also loved ‘The Borrowers’. 😉

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    Reincarnated Furniture!


  3. You are completely right about the Borrower possibilities of these fantastical pieces. I can completely imagine Pod and Arietty moving around inside each of those structures.

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  4. These are marvelous! Also, now I want to reread The Borrowers books (notewords, I do believe they lived outside in one book).

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  5. These are delightful! My grandmother in law loves miniature furniture and so needs a house for those and not dolls!

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  6. I found this by a link on today’s post; 12/5/2020. I love all of them. I have studied but have never actually bent a piece of wood. It takes a lot of time. Got too many books on my reading list so will skip ‘The Borrowers’, So, he could just cut a piece of curved wood out of a large piece of wood and did not actually bend it. No matter, how he does it, his works are outstanding. Hal

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