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It’s Witchcraft!!



Couture witch hats by Evercrumbly & Witch

A couple of weeks ago, our daughter’s cruise ship was stopping in Boston for the day, so we picked her up and headed to the Derby Square Flea Salvage Art Festival in Salem, Massachusetts. The weather was perfect, the festival was wonderful, and we had a really great time wandering around, checking out all the Halloween-themed items for sale. (Salem really is a bit obsessed, but who am I to point fingers?)

When I came to the stall of Evercrumbly & Witch, purveyors of couture witch hats (you read that right), I was absolutely blown away.  The only other time I’ve seen costumes of this quality was backstage at the Metropolitan Opera. Designed and constructed by the husband-and-wife team of Frederick and Jamie Addington, these hats are true works of art. The choice of materials, the perfection of the workmanship, and the beauty of their designs had me positively swooning. Never in my life have I wanted a hat so badly. The only thing that held me back from buying one was the fact that I honestly have nowhere to put it. (Stupid tiny house…)

So if you want to make an entrance next Halloween, go check out their Etsy shop, EvercrumblyAndWitch. You will certainly be glad you did!

UPDATE: They sold out! I’m so glad for them. So check out the pictures below, and go visit their Etsy shop after Halloween. You clearly need to plan ahead if you’re going to wear something this fabulous!

All images property of Evercrumbly & Witch, used with permission.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

14 thoughts on “It’s Witchcraft!!

  1. Those are pretty amazing. I can understand your desire to purchase one instantly. Congratulations on having the willpower–maybe a small house would be good for a lot of people.
    Strange question. Is that a live model or a mannequin?

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  2. I want one for every single day.

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  3. I love these and I’m not surprised that you found them in Salem. Which is NOT the place to be this weekend (Halloween) for sure! My older son went to college in Boston and my younger son is in college nearby (Brandeis in the ‘burbs of Boston) so I have had a chance to explore that area. Salem was amazing (although my daughter blew a raspberry at the statute of Nathaniel Hawthorne because she had recently read The Scarlet Letter and was NOT a fan.) NOW I would probably blow raspberries at the pirates due to my recent eye surgeries and the “pirate” patch I wore for days on end. But my fave in the tourist arena was Orchard House in Concord. But, of course, I digress…. AMAZING hats. It might have been you (or Halloween), but only witch hat is on the etsy site right now.

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  4. Reblogged this on saywhatumean2say and commented:
    Need to start planning for next Hallows’ Eve, this time I’m not waiting for the wee little beasties to come to me; somehow I’m going to them and I’ll be dressed to the 10s. (That is well past the 9s) I’m thinking one of these for the Kentucky Derby Party I want to throw….then recycle for Hallowe’en~~dru~~

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