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Meep Believing


"Meep Believing" Jim Henson portrait by Linda Billet

meep believing ©Linda Billet

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending.” Jim Henson (as quoted by Linda Billet)

In response yesterday’s post about stained glass motifs appearing in unexpected places, fellow blogger, Paula of Scorched Eyebrow Studio, sent me the link to Pennsylvania mosaic/fused glass artist Linda Billet. I am so glad Paula turned me on to her friend and fellow artist! I found myself immediately taken by Linda Billet’s work which is witty and whimsical and accessible and really, really fun. From her artist statement:

“If there is anything I want you to see in my work, it is the happiness that goes into it because I genuinely want you to get that back for yourself.”

©Linda Billet

©Linda Billet

That sounds a lot like why I blog. Maybe it’s her background as a postal employee that inspired her to go find her joy. I can tell you that having a largely joyless job can sometimes fuel the need to create something joyful and to share that joy with others. Linda’s first creative pursuits involved fabric, but when the impermanence of fabric art frustrated her, she found herself drawn to the more-permanent medium of glass. Glass has long been on the short list of media I want to try working with, and listening to her talk about it makes me even more determined to pursue it.

In addition to her great attitude about her art, she’s also very generous with her considerable knowledge. She’s made a number of videos illustrating how her work is created, and she has been involved in many local glass projects, as well.

Watching her work, I was really surprised by the steps that involved controlled destruction. I expected the video to be all about creation, and I certainly got plenty of that, but the stages where she cut or broke her pieces, then put them back together another way really spoke to me. It gave me a completely different view of her work, which then inspired me to go back and examine the pictures more closely for signs of breaking and reforming.

Linda Billet’s work and generosity are so powerful, they even inspired musical a fan tribute! She deserves it. I hope you enjoy this marvelous artist as much as I have!

billet 9

twinkle ©Linda Billet

it ain't easy being green ©Linda Billet

it ain’t easy being green ©Linda Billet

billet 7

sunny side up ©Linda Billet

billet 6

©Linda Billet

follow your bliss

follow your bliss ©Linda Billet

billet 4

presto ©Linda Billet

billet 3

©Linda Billet

billet 2

©Linda Billet

billet 1

Detail of “hey now (you’re an all star)” ©Linda Billet

She also sometimes makes jewelry! ©Linda Billet

She also sometimes makes jewelry! ©Linda Billet

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

15 thoughts on “Meep Believing

  1. That is some awesome shiz! I am SOOoo coveting that Wonder Woman piece… and the sugar skull… and the Sock Monkey… …AND the Muppets!

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  2. I love the Oreo cookie one (curse you diet, curse you!!) I agree, this is out of my price range, but I am impressed. I do find it quite refreshing when someone puts a modern twist on something traditional.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I have never wanted my own stained glass until just now when I want ALL of it! That is just amazing. Bookmarked her site, thank you!

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  4. I knew you’d love Linda’s work! This is just the kind of thing that makes me love (good) bloggers. Thank you for sharing her work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No, thank YOU! It really made me happy, and she seems like a total doll. I love it when artists are generous with themselves. It makes their work that much more meaningful.


      • Ah ha myobt! I just got a phone call from an excited Paula. Thanks so much for making me look good! Greatly appreciated. You mentioned your short list of mediums. If you ever find yourself in the Harrisburg area with some time to kill, let me know. We can play with glass. Thanks again.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Linda, how kind of you to comment! You don’t need anyone to make you look good, but I’m glad you liked the post.

        I would absolutely love to come play with glass with you. (Just the idea makes me happy!) I have followed you on Blogspot (on Google, I’m Walls NY), and maybe we could meet up sometime. I’d be so excited to see your work (and you) in person!

        I hope you noticed in the comments how people are responding to your work. I’m sure you’re used to praise, but I didn’t want you to miss the compliments!

        Thanks again. See you in Harrisburg sometime!



      • Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to our paths crossing. Life is SO good.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Right there with you! You really are a kindred spirit!


  5. Wow. I will never think of stained glass the same way again!

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