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Dueling Ukuleles


Kala Ukuleles

Kala Ukuleles

If you told me I would have spent an entire day voluntarily listening to ukulele music, I would have called you crazy. I always lumped ukulele in the same category with kazoos and accordions. A novelty act, fine for a laugh, acceptable when accompanying certain kinds of ethnic music, but otherwise unlistenable. These two groups of musicians, however, have made a convert of me. Their arrangements and spare use of mashups are often clever, frequently lovely, and uniformly entertaining.

Behold the dual wonders that are the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and The United Kingdom Ukulele Orchestra. A ukulele orchestra sounds like a punchline, but the music of both orchestras are surprisingly deep and deft. I am grateful that fellow blogger Judy Robinson (of Judy Robinson Design) straightened me out that these are two different groups. UOGB has been around for 30 years, and TUKUO has only been around for 6. Sorry, Judy, I’m sure you’d think more of me were I a purist, but since I discovered both at the same time, I am in love with them both.

No matter how skeptical you are, please promise me you’ll at least listen to the first one. It’s got all kinds of surprises! Honestly, this is one of my top 5 music finds of all time. Hope you’re as in love as I am!

And of course, since I have now devoured their entire oeuvre, I had to include a few more of my faves, first from UOGB:

And here are a couple of solid contenders from TUKUO:

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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30 thoughts on “Dueling Ukuleles

  1. What a bunch of nutters! LOVED it!

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  2. my favourite – the last! 😀

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  3. How fun is this! One of the music stores in town has ukulele classes (free!) every Saturday. The class is packed!

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  4. Also, check out UOoGB’s versions of Satellite of Love, Le Freak, and I Heard It Through the Grapevine . . . among others.

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  5. I LOVE these folks! So happy you found them!

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  6. I stumbled upon their youtube videos a few years ago and was blown away by how good and how fun they are. I think I spent an afternoon scouring the interweb for more videos of them.😂 Your post brought back fun memories.

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  7. Love them! Thanks for the introduction.

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  8. So funny! We just bough my daughter (19 years old) a Ukelele for Christmas. So fun but I can’t un-see Tiny Tim.

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  9. My 11 year old niece is learning to play the ukulele at school in England – I love the fact that she chose that

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  10. Fabulous! I loved ‘Good Vibrations’ and ‘Walk like an Egyptian’.
    I play guitar, and I never thought a ukulele could do that! The great voices help…

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  11. Would you call me in an hour and tell me to stop watching these ? Totally in love!

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  12. Glad you found the ukulele. You do know that the UOGB and TUKUO are two different orchestras? The latter has mimicked the UOGB which has been playing for 30 years now.


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