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Replicator? Almost.



3D Systems

Did you ever watch Star Trek TNG and imagine how great it would be to have a replicator? (In case you didn’t watch the show, a replicator could synthesize food and other things “out of pure energy.” A very handy item to have when travelling through space with no Whole Foods nearby.) Well, while the ChefJet Pro by 3D Systems’ Culinary Lab may not be able to print you a burger and a beer, it can serve up an ever-widening array of decorative 3D-printable edibles.

Initially only available in sweet flavors like chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon, they have now branched out to include savory flavors as well. A restaurant-grade certified printer, the ChefJet Pro can be used to print everything from sculptural, ornate cake toppers to entree garnish to personalized sugar cubes. This 3D printer upgrade is just a taste* of things to come!
*Dad joke of the day.

All images property of 3D Systems.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

10 thoughts on “Replicator? Almost.

  1. I think the use of 3-D printers to make body parts is outstanding. But, I also think the art they create is outstanding also. Again we are left with which human being is doing the programing. So those machines are not going to replace us anytime soon.

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  2. Amazing! Who knows, maybe one day no kitchen will be without one!

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  3. Every time I drive past a cemetery I say ‘we are now passing the dead centre of town’ I love dad jokes. My kids just roll their eyes😀😀

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  4. It is hard to believe all of these intricate constructions are edible. I think I might feel guilty chomping into them.

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  5. Wowzer. I need one of those printers!

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