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Slime Tutorials


(Stay with me. It’s not what you think.)

A couple of months ago, good friend JC told me that there are entire (bootleg) recordings of Broadway shows on YouTube. Many of their titles include the phrase “slime tutorial” so they can hide in plain sight. Okay, yes. If I know about it, the secret is certainly out, but they’re still there!

Important note: I absolutely support artists and their intellectual property. I’ve actually spent much of my career defending those rights. But 2020 is a total jerk, and I need to get my Broadway on, even if it is a bootleg recording. I promise I will go right back to supporting the arts as soon as there are some arts to support.

The videos do still get taken down, but not nearly as often as one would expect, perhaps because the owners of the intellectual property are anxious for us to continue to crave and remember their work. In 7 years of daily blogging, this is the first post where I plan to take down my links (as soon as Broadway opens back up, whenever that is).

In the meantime, the shows must go on! So if there’s a show you want to see and either I didn’t post it or the video below has been removed, just go to YouTube and search for the title plus “slime tutorial.” I’ll bet you find it!

The first full-length show below is the reason I ended up here to begin with. The show Six, about Henry VIII’s wives, was supposed to open on Broadway on the very day when New York closed its Broadway theaters. Heartbreaking. I keep thinking about how sad it is that these remarkable performances were never seen on Broadway. So here’s a bootleg of their successful run on London’s West End.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

2 thoughts on “Slime Tutorials

  1. The last stage show that I attended starred Gypsy Rose Lee. I go a movie theater about two times a year. Some years not at all. 90% of my watching are sports, like the NFL game last night. I loved the old days and not so much the current days. What happened to the old musicals movies? Song and Dance? Ginger Rogers? Fred ? etc. I have always been low income so spending $100.00 plus for some show in Vegas or else where is just not in my budget. Give me “Dancing with the Stars” free on TV and I am happy. With all the said, I did enjoy the ‘Slime” above. Yes, all of them. Hal

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    • I’m glad you liked them! My father always said that the happiest man is a simple man with simple tastes. (Of course, he’s also often my date for Broadway shows.) Sounds like you’ve cracked the code!


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