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Watercolors Around the World


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Kwan Yeuk Pang loves to travel, but rather than taking snapshots, the young Chines artist memorializes the places he visits with these amazing watercolor sketches. His moderate use of  color and skill with light and shadow create incredible dept in his work. I find these paintings so incredibly atmospheric, it’s almost like being there. Featuring subjects from his native China and Europe, each painting seems to perfectly capture a fleeting moment. And whether it’s iconic skylines or innocuous little street scenes he’s painting, Pang’s work gives the viewer a real, tangible sense of the locations they’re depicting. I’d be pleased to hang any of them in my house.

You can follow Pang on his website and on Instagram.

All images property of Kwan Yeuk Pang.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

19 thoughts on “Watercolors Around the World

  1. These are beautiful. I suppose they are destined to be featured in one of the many galleries of the future Donna museum.

    Actually, I had a student who did this. The other students were amazed…as was I. I have trouble capturing what I want with a camera, so I am totally at sea when it comes to water colours.

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    • I haven’t done a ton of painting over my life. Drawing, yes, but aside from a few murals and a couple of handfulls of small abstracts, I’m not much of a painter. But I love the look of watercolor. It’s tempting to me, but I worry that you have to have the order of everything so firmly in mind before you start. It’s not like oil or acrylic where you can always add layers. You need to know what’s meant to go where. Too much pressure!


  2. Oooh. Very nice. I wonder if he starts with a sketch or if he photos first. Wonderful play of light.

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  3. Beyond incredible!! Look at how he does the water!! Amazing, all!

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  4. I love this! These are gorgeous! I always wished I could paint! 💗

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  5. Beautiful. They struck me as full of motion.

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  6. Wow. These are amazing. I’m taking a water color class right now, my stuff is nothing at all like these! LOL

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  7. These are lovely. I admire how loose they are without being remotely abstract. I paint and illustrate with watercolour but am not a watercolour painter. I basically treat watercolour like ink for colouring with. Therefore, I always admire people who are so proficient and talented with that medium.

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