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Elmira Castle


Signature Properties Corning

This incredible 1876 house, known locally as The Castle, is for sale in the lovely-if-underrated town of Elmira, New York. I have been to the town twice, and I find it utterly charming. It’s the home of one of my favorite places on Earth, the Corning Museum of Glass. Every time I get to visit the town, I am completely blown away by the exceptional architecture and the magnificent (if somewhat tatty) Victorian mansions therein. Today, we’re looking at the absolute queen among Elmira’s Victorian houses. Here’s the description from Signature Properties Corning:

“The Castle! Truly amazing Mansard style mansion with gothic influences. This property is a whopping 41 rooms! Incredible woodwork. Multiple fireplaces. Some original light fixtures. Stunning stained glass. Massive open curved staircase. Restoration has begun. New electric service has been added. Newer rubber roof. 2 High energy efficient boilers. Some rooms have been gutted and are ready for drywall. Many rooms retain there original character. All of this on a large lot with a massive barn. Home is not currently habitable. Barn in rough condition and will not be accessible.”

In case you’re wondering how much money it takes to purchase such a gorgeous piece of history, the number is a solid FIVE figures; $99,999. Sure, it probably needs new everything, but still, it’s almost enough to convince you to move out of NYC…

You can see all 28 photos and the full listing details on the Signature Properties Corning website. And don’t miss the virtual tour!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

14 thoughts on “Elmira Castle

  1. This needs to be on a country lane with lots of open land around it.

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  2. Donna, I was born and raised in Elmira Heights – family spent weekends visiting Corning Glass Works, as it was known then. Returning in Aug for a high school reunion, and want to see this monster and revisit the Museum!! Small world!!

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  3. I follow an Instagram account dedicated to cheap old houses (it may have even been you who drew my attention to it) and this one cropped up. I actually showed my husband all the pictures and talked about what we could do with each of the rooms. It isn’t remotely going to happen but it was entertaining thinking about how I would renovate each of the spaces. I am sure the right person is going to turn it into a spectacular property.

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  4. I would need to install an elevator first so I can get above the first floor. Second, I wonder if I can buy just the garage. That would be all I need. Finally, it looks like to me there was the original house and then somebody added on the back of the old original house. If I allow myself to dream then bcparkison and I would divide it up and use it as a summer home. Florida would be our fall and winter homes. YES, we would invite Donna to come to visit with all of the other members. Took the time to look at others. If I can keep the artwork above the bed, I would buy the one at 184 Orchard Rd. NY Hal

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  5. Oh…I must go back and look at the others.

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  6. Donna, this was a fun post. I was born and raised in Elmira (Heights), and never knew about the Castle. I’m returning in August for a high school reunion and will swing by to see it.

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  7. Who own the castle first

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