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Last-Minute Gift Guide 2022


We were feeling pretty good about ourselves this year. Our holiday gifting was all sorted by Thanksgiving, everything arrived in plenty of time, the gift wrapping was done, the cards were written. We were feeling fairly smug about our level of preparedness. Then we found ourselves in need of one more gift. Rats! Neither of us wanted to brave the shops this week, just a few days before Christmas, but what else could we do? We figured something out (thank heaven), but the experience sent me down the last-minute gift rabbit hole.

So if you find yourself in need of a last-minute gift, here are some fun (I think) suggestions that save you having to go the generic gift certificate route (which I always try to avoid).

1-hour delivery of wine, liquor, or beer: Using the Drizly app, you can send a special bottle to someone, usually within an hour or so. Someone sent me a bottle of Veuve Clicquot in a big audio cassette case a few years ago, and though the wine is long gone, I’m still using the case!

Vintage Mason jar kitchen set: If you know the kitchen color (and style) of your recipient, I would think one of these handy sets would be super appreciated. They’d also make a great last-minute office white elephant gift! Arrives in 2 days.

Established lord or lady title: Listed as the “most hilarious gift of 2022,” you can gift the lord or lady of your choice with one square foot of dedicated land which comes with an actual Scottish title, while helping to preserve the Scottish woodlands.

Printable Personal coupon: Generally, I usually find these to be trite (“free hug!”), but this printable, customizable coupon’s idea of “One night of babysitting” seems like a really welcome gift for the overwhelmed family member. Of course, you can make it into whatever you like (but I’d still avoid free hugs).

Something extra delicious from New York: Zabar’s is perhaps the premiere luxury food market in NYC, and they’ll ship their amazing products anywhere! We’ve had good luck sending their gift baskets to people, and even during the holidays, you can usually get gifts delivered within a day or two.

Personal message from their favorite celebrity: You’ve likely heard of Cameo, the website where you can request a personal message from your favorite A-through-D listers, but did you think of using the site for a thoughtful gift? We got one of these for our niece a couple of years ago, and she positively shrieked with joy! Their list of celebrities are truly amazing, and include people like Wayne Newton, Bo Derek, Lindsay Lohan, Joe Montana, Ice T, Chaka Khan, Richard Dreyfus, Nadia Comaneci, David Hasselhoff, and JOHN CLEESE. I nearly swooned at that last one… Of course, there are also loads of names the young ones would recognize as well, I just don’t know who they are. Each artist sets their own fee, but there are some good deals in there.

Monogrammed cheese board: For a great gift that seems like you planned way ahead, you could get one of these very affordable “personalized” engraved cheese and appetizer boards, complete with cheese knives, markets, and a matching dish. You just make your choice of single initial, and it gets to you in about 3 days!

Beautiful storm glass set: There’s an Etsy seller who will ship these delightful things in just a couple of days. It’s a weather glass instrument based on a hundreds-of-years-old design, and it’s really lovely to look at.

Ultimate online drawing course: Udemy is the world’s most popular online educational platform, and I’ve heard from more than one person that their online drawing course, which can be tailored to the student’s level of experience, is the best on the market. Such a fun idea!

Succulents and planter box: Lula’s Garden makes beautiful indoor-suitable planter boxes filled with hard-to-kill succulents, and their turnaround time is typically 3-4 business days. Such a thoughful gift!

Cooking classes from America’s Test Kitchen: Rated as the best online cooking classes around, America’s Test Kitchen offers either a 1-month or a 1-year gift subscription for your recipient. There’s also a kid-friendly version. What a cool idea!

Broadway theater tickets: Though I generally eschew gift certificates, I think this one is one of my better ideas. If you’ve ever visited NYC, you are probably familiar with TKTS, the same-day Broadway tickets service. The in-person booths are still in Times Square and the Financial District, but I find the TKTS app to be a way more comfortable option. With one of their gift certificates, your recipient can choose the date, time, and show they want to see. It’s not just a great last-minute gift, it would make a wonderful regular gift as well.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

2 thoughts on “Last-Minute Gift Guide 2022

  1. Happy to say that I finished my Xmas shopping a few months ago. BUT i will save this for next year. Tomorrow is travel day. I will probably miss actually posting tomorrow but plan on catching up the next day. Hal

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