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Come to Micronesia, the Smallest of the Nesias

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©Jon Cooper/Creative Commons

©Jon Cooper/Creative Commons

Palau, Micronesia, is one of those places I’d like to visit before I die (which I hope will not be soon). Sometimes described as “One of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World,” Palau is comprised of 586 atolls (ring-shaped coral reefs). These coral reefs are home to 1,450 known species of aquatic life, which makes it one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. That’s a lot of fish.

©Klaus Stiefel/Creative Commons

©Klaus Stiefel/Creative Commons

One of the key ways they maintain their biodiversity is the fact that they banned the use, storage and disposal of nuclear, toxic chemical, gas and biological weapons. I am really impressed by this. Of course, they also live simply and have no military, so I’m sure the nuclear-free lifestyle is a lot easier to maintain than it would be in most of the world.


©Il Baro/Creative Commons

According to Wikipedia (“Your unreliable news source since 2001!”), Palau and the US have a Compact of Free Association, which I assume means when one or the other says a word, the other nation says whatever comes to mind. Fun!

Silliness aside, it looks like a glorious place to visit. Check out National Geographic’s Palau photos below.


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