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3000 Works of Heart

28 Comments this Gotham City?
-Today, it is Max, today it is.
©Pascal Campion

If Pascal Campion is half as sweet as his artwork, the man must be a saint. The colors and relationships and perfect balance of details and broad strokes all come together in a moving and beautiful way. I’ve yet to come across one of his illustrations that I don’t adore.

In 2005, he decided to do at least one sketch a day for 3000 days, with the goal of eventually producing a high-end coffee table book from his favorites. I get his Facebook feed where he has been posting his illustrations every day, and I can tell you they are all beautiful and stylish and smart and sweet. His Kickstarter campaign for the book concluded last week, and I’m thrilled for him. To give you some idea of how beloved this guy is, his goal was $15K and he raised over $105K. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Here’s some more of the lovely, heart-felt works of this talented, talented man. I know you will enjoy him as much as I do!

_Max... let's go.. Adventure is calling _But I'm sleepy _ Come on, when she calls, we have to go.. it's out pact, remember? _ Can she call back in the morning?

-Max… let’s go.. Adventure is calling
-But I’m sleepy
-Come on, when she calls, we have to go.. it’s out pact, remember?
-Can she call back in the morning?
©Pascal Campion

-Who is that?  -The girl who is not afraid of being happy

-Who is that?
-The girl who is not afraid of being happy
©Pascal Campion

Perfect Weather Pascal Campion

Perfect Weather
©Pascal Campion

The Audition Pascal Campion

The Audition
©Pascal Campion

-Lily, go to bed, honey.-Just one more drawing, Mommy . . .-Just like her Daddy Pascal Campion

-Lily, go to bed, honey.
-Just one more drawing, Mommy . . .
-Just like her Daddy
©Pascal Campion

pascal 5

Time for School
©Pascal Campion

Goodnight Song Pascal Campion

Goodnight Song
©Pascal Campion

pascal 8

Papa C’est Moi
©Pascal Campion

Makeover Pascal Campion

©Pascal Campion

Arch Enemies Pascal Campion

Arch Enemies
©Pascal Campion

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

28 thoughts on “3000 Works of Heart

  1. Reblogged this on Imagined worlds and commented:
    Pascal Campion is the artist of these illustrations and they are just wonderful and beautiful and adorable and amazing!


  2. I really like these. I really find the pictures really good and telling a great story.


  3. I *adore* these. Thank you so much for the introduction.


    • I’m glad. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love his work. And I found out that a friend hired him for their booth at Comicon, and he’s just as sweet as he seems!


  4. Thanks for sharing his work, it’s beautiful.


  5. Thank you, but I have way more respect for makers like you than for observers like me.


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  7. These are perfectly ✨enchanting! I’m late to the game, but so is your💫 [enchanting]blog, myobt!

    {I’m working my way backwards ...}


      • Can I ask you a question? (As blogger) I’ve never gotten comments from anyone but friends of mine—it seems as tho’ the whole world if bloggers is commenting away having lively discussion! My q is bonehead: how does one get comments? I’d love it if you’d/or any of your readers wld ≪comment≫!!! Lisa (of


      • It’s interesting you should ask that. I also never expected to get comments from anyone but my people, but once I started commenting on other bloggers’ things (when I had something to say, that is), they started commenting back. It’s like likes and follows and ratings. One good turn begets another.


  8. ahhh, I see! now I feel bad🙊 in my self-enclosed little bloggy world! thank you so much, for your advice and —I know I sound like a broken record but I’m mean it— your wonderful, inspiring, soooo thoughtfully perfect blog! truly, I love it—a gem among all the blogs I’ve seen!!
    w/great admiration &
    (I’m about to jump on your suggestion!)

    Liked by 1 person

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