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It’s Pronounced I-gor


Igor Siwanowicz

. . . M-C-A, it’s fun to stay at the . . .
©Igor Siwanowicz

Igor Siwanowicz has some questionable friends. As a scientist, he spends inordinate amounts of time around insects, amphibians, and reptiles. He’s gone on record to say he believes that small insects are underrated. If these photos are any indication, I think he’s right.

I was that kid. I spent loads of time peering at and playing with bugs. I once missed dinner (a cardinal sin in our house) because I couldn’t leave a cicada until it was done shedding its skin. The first pet I bought when I got a job was a boa constrictor, and my first tattoo was a dragonfly. Nonetheless, our man Igor has quite literally turned his creepy-crawly obsession into an art form. The acknowledged king of macro photography, he does lovely, lovely things with his underrated subjects. These images are unspeakably beautiful, and I hope you find them as magical as I do!

You can see all of Siwanowicz’s glorious photos on

All images property of Igor Siwanowicz.

igor 2

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 3

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 4

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 5

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 6

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 7

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 8

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 9

©Igor Siwanowicz

igor 10

©Igor Siwanowicz

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

17 thoughts on “It’s Pronounced I-gor

  1. Wow. Those are spellbinding, trippy and a little creepy all at the same time. Thanks for sharing this beautiful art of the underrated!


  2. OMG!!! Your caption made me howl!!! Thanks for the laugh, and these anti-Anne Geddes masterpieces.


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  5. Hi!
    Igor’s wife here. 😀
    He pronounces it
    “E- gore” fyi.
    Lisa Siwanowicz

    Liked by 1 person

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