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Some Assembly Required – Bonus Friday Post!


ikea 1I would love to save the artist whose work entertained me during my lunch today for a later post, but 1. it’s just too good to hold back and 2. it’s so clever, I’m sure I’d be immediately scooped by everyone else!

Illustrator Ed Harrington has created these highly desirable Ikea-style assembly instructions for some very popular movie monsters. His captions are almost as good as his illustrations!

Although I tried, I couldn’t find out anything about Ed Harrington or what gives him his inspired, jaw-droppingly incongruous ideas. I’m afraid his imaginative and very funny work will have to be enough.

"They pack flat." ©Ed Harrington

“They pack flat.” ©Ed Harrington

"In the Expedit aisle no one can hear you scream." ©Ed Harrington

“In the Expedit aisle no one can hear you scream.” ©Ed Harrington

©Ed Harrington

(But remember, don’t sleep with it!) ©Ed Harrington

The no hands illustration just kills me. ©Ed Harrington

(Don’t miss the no hands illustration) ©Ed Harrington

As fantastic as the Ikea series is, when I started looking around his Tumblr and his website, I found vast quantities of geeky goodness I couldn’t resist sharing. Here’s just a few of the genius illustrations he’s done. They are so simple, but so very funny, I want to plaster them all over my (already geeked-out) office!


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington


©Ed Harrington

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

4 thoughts on “Some Assembly Required – Bonus Friday Post!

  1. As always, you find some really cool stuff. I wasn’t having a bad day, but this was still a pick me up. Thank you.


    • Anthony, we need to talk about your bad days. There are too many of them. (I am in no position to point fingers, by the way, but I want you to be happy.)


      • I think I have been very happy lately. As I said, I wasn’t having a bad day.
        Most of my bad days, are really just bad moments. They pass pretty quickly, and only really have power because I have too much time to think and dwell upon them.
        However, I appreciate your concern. Since writing this blog, I have been pretty happy and many things are turning out great. This week has not been great for posting, but that is mostly because I have been busy.


      • Busy is okay. And I’m relieved to hear you’ve been happy lately! Keep it up! I will, too.


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