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The Glass Oasis



Neile Cooper

A friend posted about this place, and it’s been following me around (in my head) ever since. This stunning piece is part of a cabin hand-crafted by stained glass and jewelry artist Neile Cooper. She wanted someplace to work that inspired her and kept her connected to the nature her art typically reflects. Somehow, she came up with this genius idea, and made it a reality on a little spot of land behind her house in Mohawk, New Jersey. From the snails and flowers near the floor to the creatures of the air up near (and in) the room, the 8′ x 12′ cabin is entirely covered in Cooper’s stained glass creatures.

“It is made almost entirely of reclaimed materials. Rafter beams from some fallen trees, lumber from a neighbor’s storm-damaged porch, and many, many old window frames.”

Cooper also has an enchanting Etsy shop where while you can’t buy a cabin, you can get some pricey-but-exceptional stained glass jewelry and decor pieces. Everything this woman does, she does in ways I’ve never seen before!

You can follow Cooper on Instagram, Etsy, and Facebook.

All images property of Neile Cooper.

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

40 thoughts on “The Glass Oasis

  1. I wish I could but her cabin, it’s exceptionally beautiful like her art!

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  2. I am swooning with the beauty. She is creative genius. Thank you so much for sharing this little slice of delight. We humans are a marvellous bunch!

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  3. Stunning! and magical… Thank you!

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  4. Now that is the sun-room to have! I love how she has recycled/re-purposed old things! I sometimes wish I were free-spirited enough to not care about symmetry & things matching. Aw sheesh, I just wish I were more creative and able to envision some old thing in a radical fresh way! The snow & night scenes are the best!

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  5. I spy an HBC (Hudson’s Bay Company) blanket! Woot.

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  6. I love the picture at night. That’s incredible.

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  7. And it looks welcoming in every season, too. That’s amazing.

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  8. Magnificent! You know I love stained glass so even a single piece of this would be a hit with me but for it to make an entire space is just magical. I imagine sitting inside must feel like being nestled inside a box of jewels or boilings (candy).

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  9. How gorgeous! I’d like that in my backyard!!!

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  10. I love it, especially the cover piece (butterfly)!

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  12. Wow.

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  13. Reblogged this on ARHtistic License and commented:
    A big thank you to Donna of MyOBT for today’s guest post. Donna consistently discovers truly amazing creations. Be sure to visit her blog!

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  14. omg. i want one. i want to go see it, and i want to see what it looks like inside. wow.

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