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Gold is the New Pink


GoldieBlox “. . . is the perfect way to help your future self-rescuing princess get started down the right path.” –

In 2012, when founder, Stanford-educated engineer Debbie Sterling, debuted GoldieBlox, a new line of engineering and construction books and toys for girls, the toy industry poo-pooed their idea, stating “Girls don’t want them.”

Girls have proven them wrong.

Sterling calculated that she needed $250K to get the project going. Her Kickstarter campaign raised that much in just the first four days, and the support kept rolling in. Two years later, the toy industry has, at long last, begun to come around. Her wonderful engineering toys are now carried in all the major toy stores. She’s even infiltrated the dreaded pink aisle.

“A lot of the men in the toy industry have daughters, and many of them are tired of what they have to offer their daughters, too.” – Lindsey Shepard, VP of Sales and Marketing

Don’t get me wrong. My outsides are all girly-girl. I love glitter and fashion and makeup and all that stuff. However, I’m also great with power tools and I’ve designed and built more than a few structures – theatrical sets, closets, and parade floats, mostly – that would easily withstand the next 100 years. Though I am self-taught, I definitely appreciate the benefits of a basic understanding of engineering and construction. When talking about me, my beloved tells people I “look like a pump, but feel like a sneaker.” I love this. All girls should be educated equally in the pink and the blue aisles.

The little girls on my Christmas list will certainly be getting GoldieBlox (and I might buy some for myself!)

If you’d like to see more, their YouTube channel is full of good stuff, like this!

You also might enjoy hearing Debbie Sterling’s TEDx Talk.

Girl power!!!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “Gold is the New Pink

  1. We should all use the tools and have the toys and wear the clothes that make us happy. Hooray for people who are making it easier for children to do just that!

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  2. I’m so glad you’re spreading the word about this company. I have a son, but it’s important that he support women in the pursuit of their interests rather than hold on to unrealistic and limiting societal expectations, so I think this is good for all.

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  3. Thank you! Earlier today I was feeling somewhat discouraged about “shirtgate” but this fives me hope.

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