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Don Draper’s Desktop


The Philco PC by SchultzeWORKs

The Philco PC by SchultzeWORKs

Dave Schultz of SchultzeWORKs calls it ‘fusion style.’ I call it genius. He designed the Philco PC to look like it belonged in an office in 1957.

This is the most desirable-looking desktop I’ve seen since Apple came out with the iMac. Complete with a manual typewriter-style keyboard, a Philco TV-type monitor, and tiny tasteful hints of steampunk, this adorable mid-century modern machine would be a great addition to any style-maven’s office.

Unfortunately, like a number of my posts lately, this glorious creation is only a design and hasn’t actually been made yet, damnit. When I realized that, I went looking for something equally stylish and fab that exists in the physical world. I found a few interesting things which can be purchased, but not very many. I was losing hope.

Just as I was about to scrap this post and start over, I came across the computer designs of Jeffrey Stephenson. He takes high-end computer parts and encloses them in the most gorgeous, the most stylish cases you’ve ever seen. I want one of everything! He builds these wonderful machines as competition entries, and according to his brag sheet, he wins a lot! When you look at the pictures of his work below, it will become immediately apparent why.

DuMont is an enclosure for an iPad Mini with built in speakers. By Jeffrey Stephenson

DuMont enclosure for iPad Mini and bluetooth speaker

Also at the top of the good looking CPU category is Aerodyne. By Jeffrey Stephenson

Aerodyne CPU (this is the one he’s considering producing for sale!)

The Addison is a gaming computer. It has all kinds of very impressive-sounding letters and numbers associated with it, none of which I understand. I just thing it looks awesome. Read all about the specs (letters and numbers) here.

Addison water-cooled gaming CPU

Skyscraper Computer/Digital Photo Frame

Skyscraper CPU/Digital Photo Frame

Decomatic HTPC Series

Decomatic HTPC Series

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

28 thoughts on “Don Draper’s Desktop

  1. I thought it was fascinating and an amazing piece of equipment; but I wonder about its marketability. it’s very faddish. plus it runs Windows and not Mac so that’s a strike against it for me.

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  2. Gorgeous. The mouse looks like an electric razor, which is boss. My favourite thing about playing the game Taboo is taking the noisy buzzer and pretending to shave my face. As my kids will tell you, every time.
    What fascinates me the most, though, is the keyboard. I would love to know the feel of that.
    Love the other pieces too.

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    • My favorite thing about playing Taboo is playing Taboo! Absolute fave game in our house, although Cards Against Humanity is gaining fast.

      I loved the look of the keyboard, too. Did you click the links to the iPad typewriters I found? I think they would be fun to use, but even though I learned on a manual typewriter, I’m not sure I have the finger strength to manage it anymore.

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  3. Love that keyboard!

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  4. Oh these are gorgeous! I seriously need the Ingraham 🙂

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  5. I love these designs. Makes a relatively plain and ugly tool into a beautiful, inviting product!

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  6. I am so behind in my reading……but that DECOmputer!! Be still my heart.

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