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Alice Down the Rabbit Hole


“Joan of Arc” Photo by Kelly Lewis

This is Alice Lewis, 10-year-old aspiring model and actress. At the age of 7, Alice was lucky enough to meet her forever family (and they were lucky enough to meet her!). Her mom, photographer Kelly Lewis, encouraged her to choose her own name. She chose Alice after her favorite character in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” This seems like an especially apt choice.

Alice and her mother seem like a match made in heaven. They come up with beautifully creative costumes and poses, and their resulting photographs are really stunning. But as great as these costumes and pictures are, Kelly’s story about how they all came together is almost better. Give it a read at your leisure. It’s adorable, but not sickly sweet.

“They wondered what they could do to fill the void of the endless hours of doing whatever they wanted. And then it came to them. A kid! It would be the perfect addition to their home. They could spend their endless hours feeding it, loving it and making it less sticky!” – Excerpt from “Alice Lewis and the Fairly Odd Parents

I hope you enjoy these wonderful photographs and the fascinating duo who made them.

“The Adams Family” (Actually, the Lewis Family) Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Wonder Woman” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Draco Malfoy” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Margot Tennenbaum” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Coraline” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Fairy” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Alice in Wonderland” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Edward Scissorhands” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Marie Antoinette” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Little Miss Muffet” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Doll” Photo by Kelly Lewis

“Genie” (This is Alice’s costume from “Wishful Thinking,” the short video linked below. And she’s wearing FlashTats!) Photo by Kelly Lewis

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

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22 thoughts on “Alice Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. What fun they must have putting these photo shoots together. And to think I can barely get my kids to all look in my direction when I’m taking a photo of them.

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  2. That Mother is one talented lady, and she has met her match in that sweet little girl. They must have the best time together coming up with new personas and bringing them to life, via Alice. I loved the video, too.

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  3. I don’t know which I find more disturbing – the fact that maybe Alice might possibly find ordinary life *not* in front of a camera to be rather boring; or the fact that some of the photos show her in rather sexualized outfits and poses. Maybe I’m too sensitive… I see that no one else has said this, so maybe it’s just me! Okay, carry on! 🙂

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    • You’re entitled to your opinion! I didn’t think her pictures or costumes seemed especially sexualized, but I do see what you mean about regular life being too boring for her. But I thought that maybe the costumes and photography help her to focus her excess energy into something positive. Being in the system that long has got to have some long-term effects. Maybe this is her way of dealing with them.

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  4. I think these are fantastic!

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  5. Donna you really do have a knack for digging up the most wonderful things. Thank you

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  6. ❤ ❤ I am glad these people are together as a family. And that you found them and shared it here.

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