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The Haunting


flint 1

“Migration” by Joshua Flint

As much as I enjoy art, there isn’t very much of it that I write about that I’d actually want to live with. This painter’s work is different somehow. Joshua Flint paints memories. And like memories, the images are a little misty, a little soft-focus, and sometimes, a little off.

His details get all mixed up, but I think the overall effect is both soothing and haunting. His explanation makes perfect sense.

“There is a dynamic interplay between experience and interpretation. What is remembered isn’t necessarily descriptive of the actual event. Once the experience has passed through our emotional filter we assign meaning to it, changing the actualities. My paintings explore that place in-between a direct translation and the abstract of emotion.” -Joshua Flint

I think his fascinating, familiar-looking oil paintings would be really comforting and easy to live with. It reminds me a bit of two other artists about whom I’ve written, Yvan Favre and Mara Light. I hope you enjoy these wonderful, moody paintings!

flint 6

“Bright Reflections” by Joshua Flint

flint 2

“Memory Palace” by Joshua Flint

flint 3

“Soft Preoccupations” by Joshua Flint

flint 5

“Mapping a Galaxy” by Joshua Flint

flint 14

“Silk Ribbons” by Joshua Flint

flint 7

“La Machine Animale” by Joshua Flint

flint 11

“The Garden” by Joshua Flint

flint 10

“All the Falling Leaves” by Joshua Flint

flint 8

“Shorelines” by Joshua Flint

flint 12

“Second Lives” by Joshua Flint

flint 9

“The Long, Bright Wind” by Joshua Flint

flint 13

“Glass Orchestra” by Joshua Flint

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

23 thoughts on “The Haunting

  1. Well I am an Artist and these paintings are gorgeous. I even had a Spirit help me paint one – that’s on my blog. Happy new year Donna!

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  2. I love the foggy haziness and the use of smeared strokes in these paintings. They are very evocative. I know what you mean about loving art that you couldn’t necessarily live with. I also agree that these I could live with. Apart from the headless child on the chair. That one would disturb me too much.

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  3. I don’t think I would want them in my home. I think they are beautifully done but too disturbing.. But, again, you have chosen one beautiful thing I am glad to have seen.

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  4. I see why you might find them too disturbing to live with. But I like to throw a little darker, more thought-provoking work into my already eclectic mix of artwork, too. Anyway, very glad you enjoyed seeing it!


  5. the other thomas eakins

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  6. Somehow the color makes them even more vivid! If that makes sense. 🙂

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  7. I woud totally want the first one (canoe portage) to hang on my walls, maybe others.

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