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Bubblegum and Tom Hanks



School Boy/Interscope

Carly Rae Jepsen’s summer 2015 song “I Really Like You”isn’t particularly remarkable. The song is cute and catchy, sure, but the same could be said of many pop songs. Honestly, I don’t remember ever hearing it before, even though I know I must have. It is that nondescript.

But I stumbled upon the video purely by accident. (I usually disable YouTube’s auto play function, but somehow, it got turned on, and I forgot to make it go away.) Having moved on to one of my other 20 open tabs, I vaguely registered that something was playing on another tab, so I went looking for the offending media to make it go away. And suddenly, out of the blue, there is Mr. Tom Hanks – who I absolutely adore – lip synching his adorable little heart out. So I watched. Then I watched again.

The song has a kind of mindless adorableness about it, and the addition of TH’s performance makes it well worth 3 minutes and 28 seconds of your life. Honestly, it would be worth it just for his dad-licious dance moves. Oh, yeah. And Bieber’s in it, too, for a little bit at the end.

And if you’d rather watch it without the ear worm, here’s a spoof someone made which purports to be the video without the music. It gets a bit weird toward the end, but the first half is pretty entertaining.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

16 thoughts on “Bubblegum and Tom Hanks

  1. I adore Mr Hanks and I love this!

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  2. Ahh..thanks for sharing! Had not seen it and the whole family enjoyed it over breakfast this morning! So fun!

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  3. That song is lame but hats off to TH for doing the video. Too cute!

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  4. This video is so far out there. I love it! Thanks for finding it.

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  5. Oh, Donna–how can anyone not just absolutely LOVE Tom Hanks?! This was adorable! Thanks so much.


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