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The Biggest Camera


truck 3

Shaun Irving

Fellow blogger Devon of My City Lights, turned me onto the huge, vintage-looking photos produced by the Cameratruck. Inventor/photographer Shaun Irving calls it the world’s largest traveling camera.

“The Cameratruck is the simplest of cameras: a light-tight box with a lens on one side. To take a photo, I atually stand inside the vehicle, fumbling around in the dark. The process is long; it takes me about half an hour to set up a shot, take some test prints, and make my final exposure.” –About the Cameratruck

Try hanging that around your neck!

The unusual process creates these wonderfully moody images that look like nothing I’ve ever seen. I love how dreamy and other-worldly the photos are, and how much the images look like they’re from a different time.

The negatives produced are 7 by 3.5 feet in size, and prints can be purchased on the Cameratruck website. Limited edition full-sized silver gelatin prints are about $1,000, but you can also get a downloadable digital print for about 1/20th of that.

Here’s Shaun Irving talking about his process:

All photos are the property of Shaun Irving.

truck 1

The latest Cameratruck

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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3 thoughts on “The Biggest Camera

  1. These are really marvellous – almost more paintings than photographs. What a wonderful machine – the polar opposite of my iphone camera (theres’ a bit of a love/hate relationship going on there). Thank you for sharing.

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