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The Sultan of Squeezebox


Great Big Story

Great Big Story

Maybe I’ve been mucking around in the corporate world too long, but it is rare that I hear of someone so happy with his work, so well-suited to his profession, that he refuses to retire. 88-year-old Alex Carozza is just such a lucky man. Known as the Sultan of the Squeezebox, he’s been working with his (93-year-old) assistant to repair New York City’s accordions since he opened his shop in 1960. And this man looks young. I mean YOUNG. Like he’s got a portrait aging in a closet somewhere young. I guess that’s what comes of finding your exact right place in the world. Lucky guy.

Carozza is, in fact, the last accordion repairman in New York, and when he finally gives up, that’s that. What a sad thought.

I was going to make jokes about accordion music, but then I stumbled upon the weird, wonderful playlists of YouTube user Wiremux, who has turned up some pretty hot accordion music. So I will shaddup now and just let you listen. These are for you, Mr. Carozza!

And in case you miss the more traditionally-played accordion music, here you go!

What’s that? Feeling for something French? Well, you’re in luck. Wiremux has that covered, too.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

7 thoughts on “The Sultan of Squeezebox

  1. What a sweetheart he is! If music keeps you as young-looking as Mr Carozza and his assistant, I need to crank up the tunes! Wonderful post, Donna.


  2. Now I’ve got the who’s Squeezebox stuck in my head.


  3. I watched the first video and then listened to the last one, and a story idea sprang to life in my head. You’ll get a credit when the film version opens at Cannes.


  4. Hi Donna! Thank you for this beautiful and delightful post about accordion music. It’s an instrument I love listening to, but it seems not to get enough play-time these days. Or perhaps I’m looking in the wrong direction?? 🙂 I love your OBT concept! And thank you for stopping by my blog.

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