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Andrey Lukovnikov

It’s been quite a while since I felt moved enough by a tattoo artist to post their work. But the minute I saw this artist’s work, I was hooked!

These beautiful pieces are the intriguing double-exposure tattoos of Polish tattoo artist Andrey Lukovnikov. If you needed a reason to go to Poland, here it is. I love the idea of one picture inside the outline of another. I sincerely wish he was closer. I’d love him to make me a blue sky fading into a starry night sky in the shape of a mermaid.

Enjoy the lush and wonderful colors and unexpected shapes of Lukovnikov’s tattoos!

All photos property of Andrey Lukovnikov.



Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

29 thoughts on “Picture-in-Picture

  1. Wow wow wow! I have NEVER seen tattoos like that. Amazing colors and love the style. Very nice.

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  2. Well…hips do slide a bit…so…my sister has great dragonflys from her right shoulder all down her back swirling so pretty. My mom got hers when she was in her late 50’s…beautiful morning glories around her ankle and down her foot. I really think that twitterpated (sp?) rabbit ruined me.

    Oh, and the hip bone area sags eventually too..not bad, but 40 lbs and 20 yrs later, it is not quite so…uh…cute. I think feet is safe.

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  3. I have a full sleeve that I got about 10 years ago and that needs a touch up in places……then I’m going to Poland for the next sleeve (right after I win the lottery). Those are amazing.

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  4. I have been interested in tattoos for a while, but never found anything that I would want permanently. I do find this idea a bit more interesting though and will have to give it some thought.

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