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Cover Girl


Billye Donya Photography

Billye Donya Photography

Remember when cover bands were something you hired to play at weddings and block parties? Well, they have officially moved into a spotlight of their own. This is Wisconsin native Madilyn Bailey. She sings covers. Beautiful, beautiful covers. In fact, her covers are so good, she was signed by Warner Music Group who released a few of them across Europe, where they charted. Maybe there’s hope for all us former wedding singers yet!

I was thrilled to find this very fun collaboration she did on my current obsession, Adele’s “Send My Love!” Yay, patty-cake! (In case you’re having flashbacks, I did a piece a couple of years ago featuring the other three in the group performing below, with a very similar style. I don’t care. I still love it!)

Her YouTube channel is full of goodies, so go check her out!

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

5 thoughts on “Cover Girl

  1. Patty Cake AND singing?! What a voice on this girl! Thanks for this, Donna.

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  2. While I’m not sure she would fill a room with sound live, I like the tremulous, subdued quality to her voice. What I’m most impressed by though is that synchronized singing and clapping in the last video. That’s astounding. I showed that video to my son who sings in chorus and he said no way could he do that. Impressive.

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    • Sometimes, a little voice is just the thing.

      That clapping business is pretty remarkable. I couldn’t manage it either!

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      • I agree. There is something very soothing about listening to a quiet voice that is so pure and tuneful. I guess it is that whole lullaby thing. I only meant that sometimes singers with such voices cannot sustain the quality of their voice when having to project louder. I am going to check out her YouTube channel as her covers would be perfect for when I am doing a time consuming art project.

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