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burano 1

No, this is not a cartoon or an artist’s rendering or even a Photoshop color saturation trick. Full of beautifully-colored houses, Burano, Italy, (a real place) is an island which shares the Venetian Lagoon with Venice and Murano. While seeming random and charming, the bright house colors actually follow a specific scheme. If someone wants to paint their house, they have to send a request to the government, who will respond with the list of colors permitted for that lot. The houses were, as the story goes, first painted their crazy hues so that fishermen could identify them from the water. When the colorful houses were discovered to be a tourist attraction, the town’s government set up their current system ensuring that similarly-colored houses aren’t situated too closely together.  This really appeals to my fondness for order!

I would love to know whether being surrounded by all these cheerful colors has any effect on the town’s residents. I think it would be wonderful to wake up to a place that has lovely colors year ’round. I’ll bet it would be a great remedy for the winter blahs, at any rate.

In addition to its crazy colors, Burano is also know for its handmade needle lace. Here’s that legend from the tourism website in their own words:

“One of the most famous legends about Burano narrates that an ancient betrothed fisherman, while he was fishing outside the lagoon, in the east sea, hold up to a siren who tried to entice him by her canto. So he received a gift from sirens’ queen, enchanted by his faithfulness: the siren thumped the side of the boat by her tall, creating a foam from which a wedding veil developed.

Came back home opportune in the day of marriage, he gave the gift to his fiancée. She was admired and envied from all the young ladies of the island, whereupon they begin to imitate the lace of the wedding veil employing needle-and-thread more and more thin, hoping to create a even more beautiful lace for their wedding dresses.” –Isola de Burano website

So apparently, one thing the island is not known for is its English. I’m not judging. I think it’s all adorable.

All pictures are the property of someone, somewhere. Not me, but someone.

burano 1a

Colorful Burano ©Bjorn Moerman

Colorful Burano ©Bjorn Moerman

burano 3

burano 3a

burano 5

burano 5a

burano 8a

burano 6

burano 6a

burano 7

burano 8

burano 8a (2)

burano 8b


burano 11

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

29 thoughts on “Adorable By Design

  1. Your photos are amazing. So inspiring.

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  2. What an utterly charming place! Why aren’t more buildings bright and colourful…it would make even the dreariest of days that much nicer 🙂

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  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures! Truly magical and it’s great to know such a place actually exists. I’ve been to Venice and heard of Burano, but silly me, I had no idea…..

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  4. Oh no! I stare at color all the time. I look for it. If I were in these pictures, most likely I would be walking into the water as I say look at the pretty purple screech! Splash.

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  5. What an incredible place. I want to go there right now. I have a passport but sadly not the funds.

    Many Scottish fishing port towns have brightly coloured houses at the Barbour front too. We lived near Tarbert in Argyll which is one but Tobermory on Mull and Portree on Skye are two others. They are not quite as bold as these Italian houses and they lack the sunshine but now I’m wondering if the tradition emerged from some similar impulse about identifying properties from the water.

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  6. Gah. Must go. My eyes and mind are alight with the vibrant beauty of these images. If only the bank account was in the black. I’d be on the next flight to this rainbow-land.

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  7. Charming. I am sending this to my husband and also making a plan for a vacation there!

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  8. I loved this post, I actually visited Burano in April, along with its sister islands Murano and Torcello and they were definitely as intriguing! I’ll leave the link for my blog post so you can admire such colourful wonders 🙂

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  9. Nice! This looks amazing, you should check out my blog for architecture precedents that can help students! With upcoming tutorials, research and more!

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  10. This is awesome, maybe something else to seen when visiting Venice!

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