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Turquoise Obsession



Benedetto Demaio

Benedetto Demaio is obsessed. Is he obsessed with a person? A food? A band? No. His obsession is the color turquoise. Look, I am not judging. My kitchen is basically an homage to turquoise, teal, and grey. And when I see something – almost anything, really – that comes in multiple colors, it’s the turquoise to which I without fail gravitate. But this isn’t about me.

Demaio’s photographs all incorporate turquoise in varying degrees. His Instagram is filled with photo after photo featuring his favorite hue. Individually, they’re striking enough, but taken together, they’re a lavish, delirious, semi-monochromatic dream. Hope you are as attracted to these beautiful images as I am!

All images property of Benedetto Demaio.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

21 thoughts on “Turquoise Obsession

  1. How lovely! Turquoise is my favourite colour too!

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  2. What fun images! I love that the repeated colour makes them a coherent and cohesive series while permitting the photographer to explore a diverse range of subjects and styles.

    And now we have another thing in common – teal is my favourite colour (though purple was my favourite childhood colour and I am still fond of it) and I also love turquoise and grey. When it comes to my house, however, I tend to go for neutral, natural colours because they make me feel cosy and relaxed – except for the bathrooms where I go more creative and crazy. I expect our main bathroom will be teal and turquoise when we finally find the funds to rip it out.

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  3. Beautiful; my favourite colour too!! I love that there are so many variations of it, yet all called “turquoise”!

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  4. When I was very little, I would see the colour turquoise on some object and my mother just knew that I would touch the surface in awe. This ingrained passion for the colour has remained with me all my life. A lovely post Donna.

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    • That’s adorable! Are you still drawn to it as an adult?


      • Yet betcha! I sure am. I do bead embroidery (The Sage Wreath on Etsy) and I find it very difficult to go past turquoise colours. However, with positive colour prejudice as I call it, I am slowly learning to widen my colour palette to incorporate other colours. Now coming up a very close second, is the colour purple. Honestly Donna, colour is the centre of my universe to this very day (I am 58 years old). I cannot see my passion for turquoise diminishing. I just have to accept my “addiction” 🙂

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      • I feel exactly the same about color. It’s my favorite part of design. I have shelves and shelves of swatches, book on color theory and color inspiration, and every paint chip I can get my hands on. I wonder if there’s a connection between turquoise and purple and creative people. Maybe there’s a book for that. . .

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  5. I should have said “you betcha” Donna. I am dyslexic so struggle with words at times 🙂

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