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Three-Year-Old Wisdom



Martin Bruckner

Illustrator Martin Bruckner takes the crazy things his toddler says (and the equally ridiculous things he and his wife find themselves saying to her) and turns it all into laugh-out-loud funny art. The Tumblr is called Spaghetti Toes. Here’s why:

“The name ‘Spaghetti Toes’ comes from my wife saying to my daughter ‘Please don’t put spaghetti between your toes’ at the dinner table. I said to my wife, ‘Did you actually just say those words?’ and Spaghetti Toes was born,” -Martin Bruckner, Spaghetti Toes

The Tumblr has been such a success that Bruckner has begun receiving emails with incredible quotes from other people’s children. He now has started a series of illustrations incorporating other kids’ quotes, too.

I hope you are as entertained by these adorable quotes and fantastic illustrations as I am!

All images property of Martin Bruckner.



















Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

11 thoughts on “Three-Year-Old Wisdom

  1. These are wonderful! I used to keep a notebook of the random things my kids said but the book got lost in one of our four moves in 2013-14. I just love the way little kids’ minds work. They make such peculiar connections and their deployment of metaphor is often very original.

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  2. OMG these are great! Thank you for posting and may I reblog? Always love remember some of kids sayings too (better write them down, they are adults now)… ugh. My favorites were my son: (video he watched over & over besides Ninja Turtles) was the Fox and the Hound. He’d say it too fast and it became “I want to watch f…king hound” (lol) and my daughter couldn’t say lipstick – it ended with dick… You’ve got a new follower too1

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    • You may always reblog, but thank you for asking! And I will never think of the fox and the hound the same way again. My daughter had a little trouble saying fork. We were in a posh restaurant for Christmas with my very formal parents, and the wee one dropped her fork. She tried to get the waiter’s attention, but he didn’t hear her. When she shouted “I need a fuck!,” I thought my mother was going to have a stroke. Still funny.

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  3. I have new career aspirations – I’m gonna be a thunderstorm! Great post

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  4. I love these. They made my day!

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