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Chess (Set) Grandmasters


I suck at chess. However, I can still appreciate the beauty of a well-designed, well-crafted chess set. I went looking for the best examples, and I was really happy with what I found. Chess sets make great gifts, when used in decor, they can make you look classy and smart, and I hear from those who don’t suck at it that chess is a nice way to spend quality time with a friend. Whether your taste is super fancy or more streamlined, there’s a chess set for everyone.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: I did this search with absolutely no regard for budget, so I apologize for any sticker shock you may suffer.

Wine Glass Chess Set

Anders Norby Wine Glass Chess Set (Couldn’t find it for sale, but so cool. When you lose, you win!)


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

25 thoughts on “Chess (Set) Grandmasters

  1. I used to be a fairly good chess player, which was about fifty years ago. With that said, I like the mixed wood set. All of them are artful, but I would not want to play with them in a serious game.

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  2. I love the blacksmith set best followed by the Art Deco and Man Ray sets. I’ve often thought I might want to own a chess set but I’ve never had a freed up flat space on which to display it and nor can I really justify carving out a space because I can’t play chess. In fact, I actually struggle to play checkers/droughts. If they could make a really beautiful snakes and ladders set though, that I could do.

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  3. I am partial to the Samurai/Zen garden chess set–though, I notice, you didn’t include the Simpsons chess set–not particularly decorative, but cool.

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  4. I don’t play chess but my boyfriend has been an excellent player for decades. We tried playing a few times, but I drove him crazy because of my erratic and unpredictable moves. (Which still led to my loss) I’d love to have each of these in my house – although the cost would cost more than my house. “Usable” art is so very cool.

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  5. Love these. My favorite favorite is the recycled auto parts one. That is really awesome. I know quite a few guys who love to have that and I think it would make great decor. Interesting conversation piece. I also like the filigree one. So pretty! I didn’t look at the prices.

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  6. lol Lolololol. Oh my goodness! I just looked at the prices. The recycled auto parts is n my league…the filigree I couldn’t justify even if I could afford it. It’s so beautiful though.

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  7. I am chess player. I like chess with understand view. Thus my favorite
    1) malaxite chess
    2) mixed wood
    2) Filigree Chess.

    I do not like to play and simenteneosly thinking what a figure that means.

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  8. Reblogged this on notewords and commented:
    Some amazing chess sets – particularly the Malachite one.

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  9. Donna, thank you so much for including my sailboat and Samurai sets in your beautiful collection!

    Jim Arnold

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  10. Price is such a difficult thing to explain. I have seen most of the others sets before, but speaking for myself, out of the price I pay about 10% for shipping, another 15% in commissions, 7% in material cost, and a set like the sailboat set pictured here takes me 10 days to make, the Samurai set almost 3 weeks…and from that standpoint i barely stay ahead of my bills. I make these sets for a living and have done so for almost 20 years, and it sure isn’t because of all the money I make!

    Thanks Again Donna, it is an honor to have my work featured in your beautiful blog!


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    • Jim, I wasn’t complaining about your price. I was referring more to the $16K sets, etc. Your sets are clearly lovingly made and truly lovely. Thank you for the visit!

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    • Second post on this topic. A serious chess player doesn’t want to figure out what piece is which. They want standard chess pieces so a knight and bishop look like standard tournament chess pieces that is why all but maybe one of the group would not be allowed in a chess tournament. Also I hate advertisements that have chess pieces in an impossible position. It is clear whoever set up the pieces knew nothing about chess. Hal

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