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From Russia With Love


Margarita Kareva

Though she is relatively new to photography, Margarita Kareva‘s lush, evocative pictures inspired by the Russian fairy tales with which she grew up are eminently satisfying.

“I started taking pictures about 5 years ago, had not even suspected that it will be my profession. Since then, I often say thanks to the Universe for giving me a passion for my life. I love to read since childhood, and perhaps my love of reading has made me a dreamer and a person living in their fantasies. And I’m glad that I had a way to play out my fantasies with the camera.”

Kareva calls the series Plein Air. Fantastical though they are, all these photos are taken in the wild near the small town of Ekaterinburg where she lives. In fact, it may very well be the stark contrast between her colorful, stylish subjects and the somewhat bleak natural background that really makes her photos pop.

tographer Margarita Kareva brings the beautiful mystery of Russian fairy tales to life through her fantastical portraits. Employing elaborate costumes and surreal props, each image is a peek into a mysterious, magical world. Kareva calls these vignettes Plein Air, as they take place among the gorgeous outdoor landscape with models who exude elegance—even when confronted with wild animals.

Although she’s just getting started, this young photographer is remarkably prolific. I really recommend you check her out on Facebook,  Instagram, and

All images property of Margarita Kareva.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

35 thoughts on “From Russia With Love

  1. These are breath-taking. Beautiful work. I want to research the stories they represent.
    Once again, thank you (and more thank yous to come I am sure) for bringing these beautiful things to our attention.

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  2. This is fantastic work and she has an amazing eye.

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  3. These are beautiful. I was going to comment that I loved the white umbrella in the lush green foliage picture, but then I saw the mirror and apple picture and couldn’t decide. Then I saw the black birdlike photo…..Really stunning.

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  4. These are indeed beautiful photos depicting a fantasy world. I love them all (even the one I am guessing depicts a scorpion?)!!

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  5. finding myself in the world of fairies

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  6. I love every one of these pictures. Gonna hit up her facebook page next.

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  7. Wow- love the one with the large black wings 🖤

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  8. I am now following her in Facebook. I wonder who does the props. What is real and what is a prop in some of her photos. I love her work. I wonder what equipment she is using. Thanks for introducing her to us.

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  9. Wow! To be this accomplished as an art photographer after a mere five years is a real accomplishment and makes me wonder what she will be producing in five more years. Clearly she had an inherent talent and just needed to pick up the camera to find her means of expressing it.

    Like you, I love the juxtaposition of the fantastical subject matter set against the bleak background, the rich or bright colours starkly contrasting with the dull tones in the background. The art direction of the images is also very polished. I like the sense of narrative in each image and the way all of the details support that sense plus the compositions are just perfect. As someone who loves the imagery of traditional folk and fairy tales, I am totally spellbound by these.

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  10. These are just stunning and gorgeous (though, I must confess, I did a double take when I came to the woman with the iguana: for a second I thought the top of her dress was constructed of nacho-flavored Doritos)!

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  11. Never in all my life have I seen something that enchanting. I am completely in love. A huge thank you Donna for doing this one.

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  12. These are wonderful in all kinds of ways.

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