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mimic 0

Omar Aqil

In his art project “MIMIC,” artist Omar Aqil unpacks Pablo Picasso’s iconic cubist masterpieces and turns them into stunning 3-D works of art.

“MIMIC is a series of new visual experiments using art from the past. In this visual mimicry, I have shown how skill responds when it comes across the complexity of someone’s thought and how the meanings of the shapes and forms have been changed and create new physical qualities. It proposes to give a new implication of Picasso’s artworks with a series of hyper-realistic visuals.” Omar Aqil

The deconstruction then reconstruction of Picasso’s work is really fascinating to me. I’d love to see them in person and walk around them, viewing them from every angle. So trippy!

Check out Aqil’s other fascinating work on Behance.

All images property of Omar Aqil.

mimic 1
mimic 2
mimic 5
mimic 3
mimic 8
mimic 9

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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27 thoughts on “MIMIC

  1. This make my head spin. As the standards vice president of a 70+ year old fine craft organization, one of the things we constantly question (with no good answer, of course) is what makes a work original: what constitutes influence/reference/homage versus relying too heavily on the work of another. This is just one more example – the blogs about “Charging Bull and/vs “Little Girl” are another – to enhance the discussion about when/if one’s work is too dependent on the work of another. It is a dizzying intellectual dance. Thank you.

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    • What a lovely summation! (Warning: the following is going to sound sarcastic, but I promise you it is not at all.) As a fan of art (who doesn’t think too many deep thoughts), since the artist was clearly crediting the original works, I took it as homage. I didn’t consider whether or not it was art on its own merits. I may have underthought that, but I truly appreciate your perspective. It gives me something to ponder further. Thank you!

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  2. I am in love with this! So cool!!!

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  3. How unique. Loved this post. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Strange but very interesting, . Very good representation . Thanks for the discovery

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  5. Sorry, I don’t like the originals. I gave it five stars purely on the effort it took to do the minic. I would have none of them in my home and would hurry pass them in a museum. I’m not going to sit for hours trying to figure out what the artist was attempting to communicate. But at least we were exposed to them. So thanks

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    • Fair enough. One of the most intriguing things about art is that there is no consensus. No piece of art, no matter how skilled, is loved by everyone. I like your perspective. Perhaps tomorrow’s offering will be more to your liking…


  6. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of abstract art either, but I can appreciate shapes ‘n’ textures, so… amazing mimicry!

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  7. I think it is amazing 3D art though not originals. Still people will feel like they have a Picaso perhaps? Surely interesting topic!

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  8. I like the 3d better then the originals. Not that the originals are bad. I think I just like the new perspective.

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  9. Reblogged this on Everyone Else Has the Best Titles and commented:
    Wow! For fans of Picasso, these are amazing!

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  10. What a fun project! I enjoyed seeing the side by side comparison. Each is a really fun homage and actually makes me think a little differently about Picasso’s work because I’m contemplating the dimensions I can’t see in his work.

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  11. This is genuis, why did it ever take so long to figure this out?

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