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The Photo Impressionist


Stev’nn Hall

Artist Stev’nn Hall takes glorious landscape photos, then paints, drips on, and scratches them to create impressionist masterpieces that feel modern and dreamy. But as tranquil as the scenes appear at first glance, there’s always something under the surface, something a little foreboding lurking in the background.

“Lost in the comfort of innocence but gripped by the fear of the oncoming adult world–exploring the realms of nature and awareness as both magical and menacing.” Stev’nn Hall

He says he takes his inspiration from rural Ontario where he grew up, and his mixed-media works do feel like memories or old, damaged photographs. A little soft focus, a little rough-edged, a bit disjointed, somewhere between the idealistic and the harshest of remembered realities.

Check out Hall’s Tumblr for more of his wonderful work.

All images property of Stev’nn Hall.

hall 1

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

23 thoughts on “The Photo Impressionist

  1. Wow – very impressing -wonderful. Thank’s for sharing !

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  2. Amazing. Some people have all the talent.

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  3. wow… these are beautiful!

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  4. Thanks for exhibiting grest Artistic work. You are really working hard for sharing beautiful things with us.

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  5. These are fantastic. Each image really. . . resonates. Thanks for sharing this amazing artist.

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  6. Wow, beautiful! Thanks for sharing, definitely going to look him up.

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  7. A modern art style that I like! I especially like the 2nd one picture you posted–of the water lilies. Never saw any of the “foreboding” elements in these, though.

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  8. What an interesting way to combine photography and painting. I rather like the effect. It’s beautiful but also has that unsettling, awry feeling that I often find engaging with art, maybe because the verisimilitude of the photography is in some sort of disconnect with the paint layer, a sort of distancing. I’m not sure I’m explaining that well.

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  9. Really pretty collection – very different and sorta in your face in a fabulous way!

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  10. These are wonderful! I especially like the paintings of the ponds.

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  11. Thanks for sharing this amazing masterpiece. It was soul up lifting.

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