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Just Jack


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One of Jack’s videos was posted on Facebook with the caption “You walk in to your son doing this, wwyd?” The responses were predictably mixed, though my response would have been “Stop worrying about retirement. This kind is going to make millions from his makeup empire.”

In addition to being an Instagram superstar, young Jack just debuted his own YouTube channel!

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Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

22 thoughts on “Just Jack

  1. This boy is better at doing make up than I am, nearing the age of 26. What a precious little guy!

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  2. He is seriously so talented!

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  3. He’s an artist. If her can do this with makeup, I’m anxious to see how he’d handle watercolors and pastels. Gifted young one.

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  4. maybe I am just jaded from working for so many years with paedophiles in a counseling setting, but my immediate reaction was not to worry about the boy’s sex, but about his age. He is indeed extremely talented, But I would be extremely hesitant about sharing pictures that are sexually alluring. Did no one else really see how his pictures could be problematic?

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    • Ugh. I hadn’t even thought of that. I guess as long as his parents are vigilant about keeping his identity and their location a secret, there shouldn’t be much cause for concern. I do see your point, though. What a terrible shame it is that we have to worry about such things.

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  5. Woah! How old is this kid? He’s very talented indeed. I never learned how to apply make up because I spent all my formative years (and arguably all other years too) as a “tomboy” scruff. I was ahead of the curve with the naked face look. However, I can definitely say this kid is much better with make up than most adults I know. All of them probably. I’m impressed. And I’d be impressed if I found one of my sons doing likewise. It might be an unexpected talent (because they sure wouldn’t have learned anything from me) but all talents should be embraced and encouraged.

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  6. I spent several years as a makeup artist, and this kid has serious talent! Though to be truthful it IS easier when you have young, flawess skin…then you only have to worry about applying color and not covering flaws. I hope he expands into working on all skin types because he does have what it takes to make serious money in the business. His technique is subtle, wearable, and gorgeous.

    After reading Suze’s comment though, I do have to agree with her. For some reason I didn’t make the connection about this boy posing alluringly with him possibly being the target of a predator, when I would have definitly made the connection if it was a young girl. Interesting how our minds work when it comes to gender issues sometimes…thank you Suze for bringing it to our attention.

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  7. I really hated to bring it up but people don’t realize that predators go after young BOYS far more often than young girls. He is so talented and I can easily see his pics going viral…here’s hoping his parents are indeed vigilant.

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  8. I have so much love and respect for this post ✊!!! I don’t even had patience to do my makeup like this and for a ten year old to sit there and commit to it is bloody brilliant. What great self confidence and perseverance ❤️

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