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Painted With Buttons!


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Painted With Buttons

I can’t say I ever thought I’d be profiling an artist that makes art with buttons, but the very talented Joanna of PaintedWithButtons does just that! I never would have imagined that such expressive work could be created with such a commonplace item. And like so many of the artists I’ve brought to you, Joanna is inspired by the materials she finds. Here’s what she had to say when I asked her why buttons:

“I have been collecting buttons since I was a little girl. My collection has been growing steadily with contributions from family and friends. Several years ago I started purchasing lots of vintage buttons and trading with other collectors. I visit flea markets and antique shops very often and almost always bring home new treasures.

“My favorite part is opening old boxes and bags full of buttons and discovering all the beauty they contain. Picking up old buttons one by one and imagining who they might have belonged to and the places they have been to. And nothing feels better than cleaning an old forgotten button and bringing gorgeous colors and details back to life!

“My collection includes vintage glass buttons from Czech Republic and Germany, Japanese ceramic buttons, bakelite and vegetable ivory buttons, carved mother of pearl buttons, as well as antique metal buttons, many of them over 150 years old.

“I always wanted to be able to share my collection with others. The buttons are so beautiful, but unfortunately, they have been gathered in boxes and drawers and no one but me could see them. My button art came into life as means of presenting my buttons to the rest of the world. Now others can see their beauty either in my original pieces or prints created from my button art.”

Joanna’s work can be purchased in her Etsy shop, and you can see more of her amazing creations on Facebook and Instagram, where she posts some absolutely fascinating photos of her works in progress!

All images property of PaintedWithButtons, used with permission.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

41 thoughts on “Painted With Buttons!

  1. Absolutely beautiful!

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  2. Amazing- so many little precise details!

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  3. They are aalIng

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  5. Who would have thought? But they are all really beautiful!!

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  6. What a great idea! 🙂

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  7. I continue to wonder how most of the people you find and post for our enjoyment get the ideas to start with. Another outstanding one.

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  8. I LOVE seeing repurposed items, especially when they turn out so BEAUTIFUL! I love that peacock! Beyond the great skill displayed in these works, I am amazed at the ability–talent–to see a creative/different use for something! …

    I was going to say that I wish I had an eye for such resourceful work (who knows what kinds of great things are lurking in my junk?!), but perhaps it’s best that I don’t. Sentimental hoarding runs strong in my family, so I’m afraid I’d be too tempted to hold onto too much stuff, and even pick up more things, all under the excuse of “But I might need that and could use it to make something!” 😀

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    • That is exactly the right way to describe it. Beautiful and repurposed! I’m sorely tempted to dive into button art myself, but Beloved pointed out it would look much better (and make much less mess) if we just bought some…


  9. Donna, thank you so much for sharing my work! I truly appreciate it!

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  11. Wonderful! My favourites are the shell, the seahorse, and the dragonfly. They remind me of my granny’s tin of odd buttons and how much I loved rummaging through them and playing with them. I inherited the tin when she died, almost 3 decades ago, and still like to look through them from time to time. There’s just something about old buttons.

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  12. wonderful. Beyond my imagination.

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  13. These are soo pretty!!! ❤

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  14. Muy bonita el arte que hace con los botones los colores que utiliza son magnificos y coleccionarlos desde chica tiene mas valor los dibujos que en ellos realiza no habia visto algo asi felicidades

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  15. Reblogged this on sketchuniverse and commented:

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  16. This is so beautiful. I want to try this out myself. Looks refreshing 👌

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  17. Amazing work! Thank you for sharing!

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