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Diane Özdamar

Diane Özdamar

According to rat aficionado, Diane Özdamar, rats are clean and loving and yes, “like tiny dogs.” I’m not sure I’m convinced of their canine leanings, but I have to admit that these photos are seriously charming. While I’m not about to run out to Rats-R-Us for a new companion, I do find these creatures pretty appealing. Hope you do, too!

You can check out all of Diane Özdamar’s animal photography on her website, and on Twitter, Facebook, Behance, and 500PX.

All images property of Diane Özdamar.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

33 thoughts on “Rats!

  1. Admittedly, they ate pretty cute. Especially the one sleeping in the present box.

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  2. My granddaughter had a pair of them the last I knew. Hers were cute and friendly. She is a zoo keeper at the Memphis TN zoo. I have moved to Florida so I don’t get to see her often.

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  3. You know I hesitated with this one, right? How cute!! The trio hold cheese(??). Look at those tiny hands!

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  4. My sister had a pet rat when we were kids. He was a truly GREAT pet. Snuggly and sweet… he’d sit on your shoulder to watch TV. I, on the other hand, had an adorable little hamster. It bit me. Never get a hamster.

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  5. Having owned both dogs and rats most of my life, I will assure you that YES, they are just like little dogs. Mine great me with wiggles and licks, love tummy rubs, come when they are called. Will do almost anything for a head sctritch and one of them oddly even wags his tail. I have one that loves to fetch too. They are smart, genuinely affectionate and honestly, the best friends I have ever had. Oh, I love my dog too 😉. The domestic rat has about as much resemblance to the wild rat as your Golden Retriever has to a coyote. Thanks for giving them a nod.

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  6. I didn’t watch the video until now. What they are showing you is how a rat “purrs”. It’s called boggling. They get so happy that the pressure behind their eyes causes them to vibrate the same way a cat vibrates it’s sinuses to purr. Rats grind their teeth and lick as well, called bruxing. This is a sign of feeling content and safe. That’s a happy fella!

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  7. So very adorable! I had pet rats when I was a kid and they do make terrific pets. They are very clever and friendly.

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  8. I had a rat once–Jacques Le Rat. My sister accidentally murdered it via starvation while I was at camp. N.

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  9. I just keep tinking of my childhood on the farm, where the rats weren’t cute and rather destructive. To each their own though. I know of some people who are all about the love on the rat…

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  10. I’m not a rat hater but I never had any interest in owning one but when my daughter was in her teens, she wanted one so I let her have it. It was super cute but I ended up having to be the one to clean up after it and then start exercising it. Little did I know at the time but I was highly allergic. It happened slowly and progressively got worse to where I was so sick all the time due to allergies. Unfortunately, I had no idea it was the rat that was causing me to react to everything else around me. I just thought that I was slowly starting to become allergic to everything. Then one day while I was playing with it, it’s nails scratched my arm and the scratch puffed up. I had one of those moments of extreme clarity. The rat did this to me! I found him a good home and took a year to completely recover but it got better immediately. I can appreciate the pictures (they are super cute) but a rat will not be invited into my home ever again. LoL

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  11. You are probably hearing everyone’s pet rat stories. I had a pair of them, given to me by my brother’s girlfriend. I named one Mark after a selfish, bad ex-boyfriend because he was truly “a rat” and the female was named Missy as it had that alliteration effect with the name Mark. They bred like crazy to the point where my mom said they had to go. I gave them to a teacher for his classroom. Giving Mark away was so symbolic for me, like moving on from the bad boyfriend…

    Oh, and the art is adorable – I love the picture with the dandelion best.

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  12. Well, I’ve written about my boys’ pet rats, so you know my feelings. They really are clever, sociable little beings. That said, these are ratties that have been bred as pets for hundreds of generations and no longer live as (or even resemble very much) their wild city cousins, who are, honestly, frightening. Lots of these photos are of the low-eared “dumbo” rats, who are particularly social. I’ve been bit by hamsters and gerbils, but never my pet rats. Still, I’m not about to go out a cuddle a rat on the subway.

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  13. My husband taught elementary school back in the days when you could have classroom pets. He always had a menagerie (and so did our kids). Greg even ran a service in his school called Rent-a-Rat, where teachers could “rent” a classroom rat, and one of his students would stop by every day to feed the rat and clean its tank.

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  15. I really don’t like rats, but they look so adorable in these pictures😊

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