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Diana Forti

Today, I am sending good thoughts to those trying to put their lives back together after Harvey, and especially to those in the path of Irma. Some of my happiest times have been spent in Florida and Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands, and I wish everyone there well. Sending love and luck and better days. Please try to stay safe.

Intrigued by the play between light and glass, Chianti-based artist Diana Forti creates shimmering, organic-looking glass sculptures that seem like they belong in the sea. She calls this collection Meduse (Italian for Jellyfish) because of the tentacle-like shapes her glass drips and pulls create. Many of the tentacles seem too fragile to hold up the sculptures, but Forti, who has been working with glass of this kind since the 1980s, knows just how much they can take.

Forti first fuses glass pieces of different hues, then suspends the fused plate and strategically melts sections to create her beautiful drips and tendrils. It looks like it would be really satisfying work. I hope to get a chance to try it someday, though I’m sure my results won’t approach that of this talented artist.

You can see more of Forti’s beautiful work on her website.

All images property of Diana Forti.




Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

3 thoughts on “Meduse

  1. I actually literally gave out a tiny squeal when I opened this post. I LOVE glass – as you know – and I also LOVE jellyfish – as I think you also know because I am horribly repetitive in my comments. We SO need so many of these pieces (all of them?) for our imaginary vault of art glass.

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