What if you spent every day looking for One Beautiful Thing?

Hummingbird Paparazzi


Tracy Johnson

Former landscape photographer Tracy Johnson has had a rough couple of years. Johnson, who lives in Livermore, California, was diagnosed in 2016 with an autoimmune disorder that causes severe muscle weakness. Unable to walk out into nature to pursue her photography career, Johnson was sitting in her small, Livermore, California, yard, feeling depressed, when a hummingbird flew by. She got the idea to plant and arrange her yard to attract hummingbirds. If she couldn’t go to nature, then she was going to get nature to come to her!

“I’m like the hummingbird paparazzi, jumping out of bushes to take their photos.”

But Johnson discovered it’s not so easy to photograph the speedy little buggers. She read up on how to attract them, and started shooting. After much trial and error (she claims she took at least 500 photos before getting the right combination of equipment and timing), she started creeping up on the tiny, jewel-like birds like a pro. And now, the beautiful creatures are so comfortable with her, they come right up and light on her like she’s a Disney princess!

Follow Tracy Johnson’s Instagram for a daily dose of hummingbird loveliness! (There are even videos there, though I gave up trying to embed them.)

All images property of Tracy Johnson.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

17 thoughts on “Hummingbird Paparazzi

  1. These little darlings are jewels indeed and Ms. Johnson captures them on film beautifully. I’m following her insta now.

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  2. Aren’t they just wonderful little creatures? We have a festival for Hummers in North Mississippi every year.I haven’ been just yet but my parents went a couple of times.

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  3. Every portrait is glorious. Hummingbirds are so perfect and gorgeous. They used to visit our garden when we first emigrated and were in a rental house and it was always exciting to see them. Unfortunately they do not visit us at our house, no matter what we do to try and attract them. It may be because I feed so many big birds and they don’t want to be around blue jays, cardinals, and grackles. I am going to follow on Instagram so I can see more of these splendid wee birds.

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  4. What beauty you have captured in these photographs. They are poetic to me. I recall I would read and animate the folktale: The Legend of the Hummingbird. It is a tale retold by storyteller and author Pura Belpre. Thanks for your great post.

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  5. Where’s the ‘love’ button to push? I think I’ll have to share this with some nature loving, bird loving friends of mine.

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  6. These birds are such a reminder of the beauty found in nature. I love looking at these photos—again and again. And that tiny feather—oh my!

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