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Handsome Devils


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Alessandro Tomassetti

It is unusual to find such sensitive, sensual painted portraits of men, so when I came across the gorgeous work by Alessandro Tomassetti, I was absolutely delighted! The painter’s exploration of atypical expressions of masculinity are both intriguing and impressive. I am especially interested in his classical-seeming techniques as applied to very modern-looking male subjects.

Tomassetti says he was most inspired by the Italian Masters of the Baroque and Renaissance eras, including Caravaggio and Bernini, whose work he studied at McMaster University. Though he began his career in Hollywood as a computer animator, the artist disliked the creative restrictions of the work, so he went back to school to pursue fashion design. Tomassetti started his own menswear label, Filius, and launched a concept store called All Purpose. It was during this period that he started to be interested in making art featuring the male form.

“Around the time I started painting, it became clear that my favorite artists throughout history had painted males but my favorite contemporary figurative artists mostly focused on female subjects. Contemporary male portraits still seem reserved for “important” men, that is, conventionally powerful men.”

Tomassetti’s uncertain immigration status resulted in his relocation to Barcelona where he began to pursue painting in earnest.

You can see all of Tomassetti’s moving work on his website and on Facebook and Instagram.

All images property of Alessandro Tomassetti.


Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Handsome Devils

  1. You should check out Daniel Colby ‘s paintings.
    Of course I am bias. The portrait of the old man in the sea captain’s hat is my father.

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  2. They almost look like photos.

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  3. Some of those look more like photographs that painting. love all of them Hal

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  4. Stunning portraits. I love the compositions and the handling of light. I can definitely see the Caravaggio influence in the latter.

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  5. The lips on the first painting…so so gorgeous.

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  6. Gorgeous. He’s succeeded in making men look *beautiful*!

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