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The New Origami


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Beth Johnson

World-renowned paper artist Beth Johnson got her start when she got an origami book for Christmas when she was eight. She quickly (for an eight-year-old) blew through the beginner’s-level book and moved onto more involved designs. She began giving the finished pieces as gifts, like the Santa Claus complete with sled and twelve reindeer she gave to her Grandmother. She had become so adept by fifth grade, her art teacher asked her to teach a class on the art.

Much of traditional origami is based upon established methods of paper folding, but a few years ago, Johnson wanted to make an owl for her niece and couldn’t find a design she liked. So she decided to try and create something entirely original. She still occasionally makes more traditional designs, but it’s her original crease patterns that have gotten her so much attention. Her tessellation technique and use of multiple pieces of paper in a single design have become her signature style, and they’ve forever changed the world of origami art. But as much as I love her more complex styles, I find myself equally drawn to her more modern, spare designs. She’s an amazingly versatile artist!

Not only is Johnson generous with her art, she’s also generous with her knowledge! Check out her how-to videos. I am probably not going to attempt them, but they were a true pleasure to watch.

You can see all of Johnson’s fascinating work on her website and her Flickr, and you can check out her method on her instructions page.

All images property of Beth Johnson.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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16 thoughts on “The New Origami

  1. I love this and you are some of the more simple ones are just a grand.

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  2. Amazing. I can barely follow origami instructions so my brain boggles at people who can design and create from scratch, taking a concept in their heads and knowing exactly what to do in order to achieve it in paper form.

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  3. How wonderful these are! I especially love the crow.

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  4. Wow!


  5. Unbelievable! And here I am, can barely wrap a birthday present! Lol.

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  6. These are amazing works of art! I am now inspired to try paper folding, although I have little confidence that I can do more than something basic. And those jelly fish are amazing!

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    I love this!


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