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My cell phone doesn’t usually ring. I love that about it. Sure, people text me and FB message me and email me, but typically, I don’t have to actually answer the phone. I don’t know what changed, but over the last few weeks, I have received at least 50 scam phone calls. Clearly intended to frighten the uninformed and trick them out of their money, there have been voice recordings in Chinese (I’m assuming it’s Chinese) which I have learned threaten ICE action unless a payment is made, heavily-accented “IRS agents” insisting I would be arrested if I didn’t clear up an outstanding tax bill, callers informing me my mortgage is in pre-foreclosure, and obnoxiously perky congratulatory messages concerning my “sweepstakes winnings.” I’m about ready to throw my cell out a window.

Beloved and I are truly lucky people. We are legal citizens, we pay our bills on time, and we don’t have more outstanding debt than we can manage. But I can imagine how these calls could really frighten and confuse gullible or less-informed people in less fortunate circumstances. It makes my blood boil that these creeps make their living by preying upon the weak, and I tell them they are terrible people every chance I get.

This incessant phone spam (is it still spam if it’s on the phone?) put me in mind of a comic I’d seen a while back, so I went looking for him.

James Veitch is a British comic, and likely one of the best spam baiters in the world. He extracts revenge from internet scammers in really creative and funny ways, and he encourages his audience to do the same. He is an absolute wizard at getting under the skin of the would-be scammers who have the misfortune to cross his path.

“You are a total disgrace to manhood. Go f**k yourself.” Solomon Odokhah

Veitch is perhaps best known for his “Worst Roommate in the World” bit, which I think you will also enjoy.

You can follow the genius Veitch on his website, on Twitter and Facebook, and on his YouTube channel. You can also buy his book, Dot Con, on Amazon.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

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14 thoughts on “Turnabout

  1. He is pretty funny.Wish I could think fast enough for comebacks on the scams. I just don’t answer numbers that I don’t recognize.

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  2. He’s a riot–responding to the email from the Army ‘intelligent’–that was too funny! Makes you almost hopeful that you get spam real soon–’cause, boy, are you ready!

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  3. James Veitch is hilarious! Thanks for sharing the videos.


  4. OMG Thank you! Can’t remember when I laughed so hard. He’s brilliant!

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  5. Now that almost tempts me to answer a scam phone call but I know myself well enough to know I don’t always even answer the phone to people I actually know so no way am I going to end up chatting to a random stranger.

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  6. I’ve received the Chinese calls just in the past few weeks. Like you I’m assuming it is Chinese and not another language.
    There is another call I get that starts out in a threatening voice “Don’t hang up…you may qualify for a free back brace”

    My elderly mother fell for that Microsoft phone scam that was going on a few years ago.

    On a different note, my mom gets at least a dozen or more mailings a week from animal related charities. Hard to know which ones are legit and which ones are fake. I’m assuming she gave money to a few of them years ago and now she is on everyone’s list.

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