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Symmetrical Worship


Peter Li

Looking like illustrations from science fiction novels, these panoramic images of churches by photographer Peter Li are seriously trippy. I do not typically suffer from vertigo, but looking at this photos made me feel a little dizzy. If you, like me, spend a fair amount of time on vacation staring up at ornate ceilings, then these photos are definitely for you.

The photographer is most interested in exploring the symmetry of each of his subject’s designs, so of course, the lighting is key. Li has to wait for the right time of day (and the right time of year) to make sure the structures are evenly lit before attempting his complex panoramas.

“Observing a three-dimensional space in its entirety gives us a view/perspective beyond what the eye can see. It breaks us from reality, plays with our perception of shape and form and creates a sense of another world. Through my photography, I hope to impart the otherworldly nature to the viewer, encouraging them to take a momentary step out of their reality.”

-Peter Li

Li makes the beautiful, super-high-definition images available as large, wall-sized prints, which must be even trippier (and more impressive).

You can see more of Peter Li’s amazing photography and purchase prints on his website and Instagram

All images property of Peter Li.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

13 thoughts on “Symmetrical Worship

  1. Wow! You can really get a better idea of the intricate designs this way. Think of how many times workers had to go up and down a ladder to put it all together.

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  2. Wow! Despite my lifelong atheism, I love to visit cathedrals and other historic religious buildings because I have a thing for ecclesiastical architecture – and especially the term flying buttress. I love the way these photographs capture the interior of the spaces in so much depth and detail because you can see in one photo how the ceiling connects to the columns, connect to the floor, to the pews. It is also pretty nifty to turn something so traditional into something that looks so futuristic.

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    • Oh dear …I have found out something that breaks my heart. I will be praying for you…..

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      • I’m sorry that your thoughts about me have changed simply because I’m not a person of faith. I’m very respectful and supportive of the beliefs of others and absolutely support their rights to practice their faith as they see fit. I’ve worked for religious organizations as a paid employee and as a volunteer. I simply have no capacity for that type of faith.

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      • I don’t want to speak for her, but I believe that Beverly doesn’t mean to say she thinks less of you (or, presumably, me).

        Beverly, you often remind me of my mother. It used to distress her when she would meet someone without faith. I know it came from a place of love, not judgement. She just wanted to share the thing that gave her comfort.

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      • Please be assured I did not take it as a harsh judgment. It is clear, however, that the additional piece of the puzzle that is me has altered the picture of me. That’s absolutely fine because I like that people can get to know me better through such interactions. I just like to explain the “type” of atheist I am because I think a lot of people only think of the atheists who aren’t tolerant of faith at all, which in my experience is a very small minority. I guess I feel like I need to be an ambassador for other atheists at times.

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      • Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I always think it never hurts to have someone praying for you!

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    • They really are exceptional as works of art, and I can see why they would inspire religious feelings in some.

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  3. No Laura my thoughts of you haven’t changed. I just learned something I did not know. I truly do enjoy reading about the your adventures and all of my blog friends are in my prayers for a lot of different reasons.

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  4. Those are amazing photos. I wonder if the doors are locked so that nobody wanders in. I see no people!

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  5. These photos are wild, and yes, dizzying too!


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