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Heart of Glass


Elvira Bach

German-born post-modern painter and sculptor Elvira Bach has been exploring the subject of femininity since her art career began in the early 1970s. Though she is primarily known for her paintings, the artist began working with glass early in her career and has maintained her love for the medium throughout her life. Bach’s glass works and many of her paintings seem to depict similar-looking women, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that Bach revealed she considers most of them at least partly self portraits.

Both her paintings and her glass works exhibit an exuberant use of color and energy. Her female figures – both self portraits and other subjects – all seem to have a remarkable joy and confidence about them. Bach gives her women accessories and props intended to accentuate their femininity. Her career represents her lifelong attempt to capture a universal woman. I like to think there isn’t such a thing, but I can’t fault the results of Bach’s search.

You can see more of Elvira Bach’s wonderful work on the Berengo Studio website.

All images property of Elvira Bach/Berengo Studio.

Elvira Bach

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

6 thoughts on “Heart of Glass

  1. They do all look like the same woman. Not my style but you can tell she put her heart into the works.


  2. Fabulous! I love art glass.

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  3. That’s quite a lot of craftsmanship.

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  4. I remember being enthralled when there were glass blowing boothis in the mall and this work reminds me of those times. Plus I’m fairly sure I have a wine glass growing out of my head 😉


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