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Goin’ to the Chapel!


Evolution Design

In the tiny English village of Forest-in-Teesdale, an old, abandoned chapel has been lovingly brought back to life as a gorgeous residence. Rehabilitated by the award-winning architects at Evolution Design, the building retains its charming, traditional exterior, while sporting gorgeous, modern designs on the interior.

The house has three bedrooms (with a bonus junior bedroom), each with its own bath. The house also features a charming kitchen, and a large dining/living area.

“Set in the very best walking area of the beautiful North Pennines, just a short walk from the famous High Force Waterfall, this stunning chapel conversion with its historic building fabric and modern interior design is a real Teesdale jewel. The original windows of the nineteenth century building have been reopened, framing dramatic views of the dales to create a spacious and luxurious self-catering holiday cottage for seven guests.

For a mere $232 per night, you can book a stay at this beautiful historical building on AirBNB.

All images property of Evolution Design.

Author: Donna from MyOBT

I have committed to spending part of every day looking for at least one beautiful thing, and sharing what I find with you lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Chapel!

  1. This is an interesting remodel. A friend of mine is currently remodeling a church, I think she is working on a former jailhouse as well.

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  2. In Memphis TN there is a large Sears building. It had been empty for over 15 years. When I left they were converting it into appartments for low income people. I hope this happens to all old building and they don’t get knocked down. hal

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  3. This is really nice. I love old buildings,but this is too close to the road, and they did a number on this one.

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  4. Its fantastic that these great old structures are coming back to life


  5. It’s a lovely conversion in that new life has been breathed into the old bones while preserving a lot of the original features. I think that gives it its charm.

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  6. I’ve liked a lot of your work but this is truly a beautiful thing. I wish it were my vacation home.

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